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Between evolving employee expectations, a competitive job market, and the availability of technology to partner with your organization—to say the HR industry is changing is an understatement. As the leading Field Marketing Manager at Glint, orchestrating our presence across conferences, tradeshows, webinars, etc., I firmly believe that an important way to stay abreast of all the change, determine what it means for your organization, and generate creative ideas is by attending events.

Attending events, both large industry events and more intimate, focused events, has benefits that extend beyond your day to day work. They are a great opportunity to:

  • Meet your peers, and industry influencers face to face
  • Network
  • Learn about trends
  • Gather ideas
  • Evaluate technology

There are many options for conferences that you can attend, but which will deliver the most value? I’ve put together a quick list of unmissable events, both big and small, to inspire you, help you learn, and boost your professional network. There is something for everyone regardless of geography, schedule, goals, or budget. Please take a look, and hopefully, we will see you there while we showcase our People Success Platform.

Intimate Events

Intimate events are the perfect opportunity to spend one on one time with your peers, getting to form deeper relationships. They also often provide a better opportunity to connect with the keynote speakers and ask situation-specific questions. Here are a few intimate events to consider:

1. People Analytics and Future of Work

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: January 31- February 1, 2019

A premier people analytics event led by the globally recognized Al Adamsen—a thought leader, and advisor on topics such as Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning & Analytics, Talent Measurement, and Organizational Change.

2. HR Metrics & Analytics Summit and Employee Experience Impact Summit

Location: Orlando, FL

Date: February 27-March 1

Yes, you read it right. Two events in the same place! These co-located events offer attendees experience the perfect blend of data, analytics and practical strategies to unleash the best in their people. Join 200+ of your peers to hear from fellow practitioners and come away with concrete ideas you can go back and implement at your organization.  

3. Employee Experience for Global Enterprises

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: May 23-24, 2019

An event specifically designed for larger, global organizations who are interested in discovering strategies and tactics to improve the employee experience at scale. With speakers from well known Global companies such as Ericsson, Cigna, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, come learn from some of the most well-known brands out there.

4. The Glint Summit: Shaping the Path to People Success

Location: TBD

Date: October 2019

The Glint Summit is designed to bring together leaders who are passionate about using data and innovative employee engagement methods to transform their organizations.

The Summit seeks to create a unique forum where specific, yet practical, employee engagement strategies, challenges, and tactics are shared and discussed. Meet, share with, and learn from top employee engagement and organizational change leaders in a collaborative, relaxed, and trusted environment.

5. LEAP HR Series

Date: Various

Location: Various

Interested in connecting with other HR practitioners that work in the same industry as you? The LEAP HR series organizes HR gatherings specifically based on industry. Whether you work in healthcare, retail, construction or finance, they have 10 industries to choose from!

Industry Events

Industry events are typically larger format events that offer a wider variety of topics, speakers and technology. They can be interesting to attend as a team, as the content tracks are often tailored to different roles. They also often attract celebrity talent and industry influencers as the keynotes.

6. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference

Location: Washington, D.C.

Date: April 4-6, 2019

This is the premier event for I-O psychologists, and the 34th time this event has been held. Whether you are attending to discover the latest research, continue your education, or connect with old classmates, this event as a little something for all attendees no matter what stage they are at in their career.

7. People Analytics World & the Future of Work

Location: London, UK

Date: April 24-25, 2019

People Analytics world has joined forces with PAFOW — yes the PAFOW that is hosting an event in San Francisco in January — to create a brand new event: People Analytics & the Future of Work. This event will bring together the worlds best in People Analytics and meld it with the forward-thinking Future of Work thought leaders to create one great, unique event!

8. State of Employee Engagement 2019 Virtual Event

Location: Virtual

Date: May 29, 2019

Looking to learn more about the state of employee engagement, but don’t have time to travel to any of these events? HR.com’s one-day virtual event is the place for you! Not only will HR.com unveil and present their 2019 State of Employee Engagement report (you can get last year’s here), but you will also hear from thought leaders throughout the day.

9. HCI Employee Engagement Conference

Location: Denver, CO

Date: July 29-31, 2019

The premier event for employee engagement practitioners. As employee engagement continues to grow as a priority for companies around the world, this event also continues to evolve to meet the needs of an engagement-hungry workforce.

10. Gartner ReImagineHR

Date: October 28-30, 2019

Location: Orlando, FL

Explore the future of HR at Gartner’s annual ReimagineHR event. Not only will you hear the latest Gartner research on HR, but you will also hear fascinating case studies on how organizations today are reimagining their HR strategies and tactics to support their workforce today.

If you can’t attend the Orlando event, there are two events around the world:

There are multitudes of other events that you can attend, in fact, David Green published a very comprehensive list if you’re looking for more. What events have you found had the most impact on you both professionally and personally? Let me know your thoughts on LinkedIn.