Managers play a critical role in fostering engagement and learning within an organization, but many lack the tools and support they need to effectively contribute to team performance, development, and innovation. Whether it’s a lack of time, data, or clarity on what to do next, managers face substantial obstacles when it comes to driving ongoing engagement.

In response to these challenges, we’ve created a new suite of capabilities designed to empower managers to have meaningful conversations with their teams and take action on results.

Let’s take a deeper look:

Understand Where to Focus

The newly released Manager ConciergeTM allows managers to understand their team’s feedback at a glance with personalized, in-platform guidance that enables managers to own their results and stay accountable for action taking. Using Glint’s AI-for-HRTM, Manager Concierge looks at the steps a manager has already taken and makes intelligent recommendations on what actions to take next, eliminating ambiguity and helping managers continuously improve.


Glint Manager Concierge

Image: Glint’s Manager Concierge recommends that a manager share their results with the team after a recently completed pulse survey.

Additionally, the new Strengths & Opportunities module uses AI-for-HR to take into account both context and relevance at the right level to provide managers with a simple, yet highly actionable summary of their strongest qualities and their greatest opportunities to grow as a leader.

Glint's Strengths and Opportunities Module

Image: The Glint platform provides a strengths & opportunities summary using employee feedback on engagement drivers such as recognition, empowerment, and growth.

Facilitate Better Conversations

Once they have confidence in the key areas of focus, it’s time for managers to facilitate a conversation, which is a critical channel for discussing results, collaborating on solutions, and determining action.

In order to simplify the sometimes intimidating step of acting on feedback, Glint has developed a three-step guide for managers to lead effective conversations that result in improvement. The ACT Conversation guide (more details to come in subsequent posts) provides concrete steps to help managers facilitate better conversations, foster collaboration on their teams, and develop a process that facilitates iteration and accountability.

Take Action Together

With ACT Conversations in their toolbox, managers make action-taking a more inclusive process that involves the entire team and create a habit of quality conversations. With the right tools and support, managers can facilitate more effective action-taking through more frequent, well-structured conversations. These conversations are a catalyst for change and thoughtful review that lead to more flexible, continual improvement.  

Impactful conversations have always been at the heart of Glint’s vision for the future of work. In order for a company to become more agile, managers must embrace fast and focused insights that fuel ongoing conversations about priorities, performance, and growth. When managers are empowered with both the right data and the guidance to facilitate meaningful conversations, employees feel heard, teams thrive, and organizations succeed.

To learn more about Glint’s Manager Empowerment tools, please see our datasheet.

Glint Inc.’s ACT Conversation services are not related to ACT, Inc.