Employees are increasingly indicating that their happiness depends on whether they feel a sense of belonging at their organization, according to Glint’s latest data insights report.

Since March, belonging’s impact on employee happiness has increased by 12%. This conclusion comes from 5 million data points via surveys to employees on how organizations are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Belonging might feel like one of a thousand challenges employers are facing,” Glint Head of People Science Justin Black writes. “Instead, people-centric organizations see belonging as the way to understand those other challenges better. With an emphasis on belonging, organizations act more quickly on people’s specific needs and feelings.” 

Other findings from the latest report:

  • Since the pandemic’s onset, employees have cited culture more frequently than career opportunities in comments on belonging, suggesting less tangible components of belonging have moved to the forefront of employees’ minds.
  • Employees are embracing opportunities to learn, with 97% saying they want to expand or continue their current time to learn.
  • Organizations are still facing several challenges, with roughly one-third of respondents saying they’ve seen a decrease in company prospects, employee recognition, and work-life balance over the past three months.

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