When your people bring their best selves to work, everyone wins. Yet, many organizations still struggle to create a work culture where everyone can thrive. As a result, employees are resigning from their roles at record pace in search of new positions that give them the growth opportunities, flexibility, and belonging that they crave. 

It’s not too late for orgs to get ahead of this Great Reshuffle. Building a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent starts with reorienting your talent strategies to put your people front and center. That means taking the time to listen and understand the levers that contribute to your colleagues’ happiness, engagement, and ultimately, success. You can then use these insights to fuel how you hire, retain, celebrate, and promote your people.  

Read on for 10 articles that dive deeper into how HR and People leaders can meet the moment and boost employee engagement and People Success across their entire org. 

1. The Elements of People Success

The factors that contribute to People Success may vary from different organizations, industries, and functions. Yet, there is a universal truth to what it means and how it benefits both your people and your org. Find out what six elements matter most to employees so you can build a thriving People Success culture that develops people-centric leaders and creates engaged employees. 

2. Why Employee Engagement Is Important for Any Business

Creating an engaged workforce takes time, but it’s well worth the effort. Learn four key ways employee engagement translates to measurable business success, with real-world examples from Spectrum Health and United Airlines.

3. What Is People Science?

What makes people happy and successful at work? And how can we create environments that enable people to thrive? People Science answers all that and more. Find out what People Science is and three ways organizations are gaining immense value from the help of Glint’s People Science Consultants. 

4. Culture at Work: Three Signs of a Resilient Organization

Some company cultures don’t withstand the pressures of trying times. Others persist and even thrive. The key to success is resilience. And the orgs that are most resilient are those with the highest level of employee engagement and faith in their companies during times of uncertainty. See how your org stacks up with the three signs of a resilient org. 

5. Employee Experience and Employee Engagement Aren’t the Same Thing—But They Are Related

Both employee experience and employee engagement are highly influential in the workplace. But while the two concepts are related, they have important distinctions. Understand how they relate and why HR leaders need to prioritize both for a winning culture.

6. 3 Ways People Analytics and Employee Engagement are Transforming HR

As businesses evolve at a rapid clip, two emerging fields are reshaping HR and the workplace: employee engagement and people analytics. Capitalize on these trends by discovering three key insights into how these fields are driving transformation. 

7. Why Belonging Is Important at Work: Employee Engagement and Diversity

Belonging is an essential yet often overlooked pillar in creating an equitable and inclusive workplace culture where everyone can thrive. Moreover, employees who feel that they belong are six times more likely to be engaged than those who don’t. Learn more about why belonging is a vital addition to your diversity and inclusion efforts. 

8. New Data Reveals the World-Changing Power of Inspiring Managers

Organizations succeed when people succeed. And managers are your linchpin in driving People Success. The State of the Manager 2021 tells the story of why managers are so fundamental to employee engagement and People Success, and how organizations can harness their unique roles to drive better business outcomes. Dive into seven top takeaways from the report. 

9. Remote Work: A Manager’s Guide for Better Check-ins

Regular one-on-ones with your team members are key to building trust, aligning on priorities, and bringing a human element to the workplace. In hybrid or fully remote workplaces, it takes a different set of skills to connect effectively with your people. To help you overcome awkwardness or hesitation, we put together a guide to help managers lead more effective check-ins, even during times of duress. 

10. To Spark Meaningful Change at Work, Start Small

Change is never easy. But it’s possible with clear goals, support, and small, steady steps. Based on experience working with hundreds of organizations, we’ve pinpointed an effective approach to spark change. Learn three key practices that can ignite positive change in the workplace and set people up for success. 

Flex your People Success muscle

A thriving workplace with engaged and happy employees is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for organizations to stay resilient and succeed in the face of rapid transformation. These articles arm HR and People leaders with the data and insights they need to achieve People Success, and ultimately business success. Happy reading!