Maintaining and protecting employee engagement while people work from home under often difficult circumstances can feel like a monumental challenge. 

Many organizations are looking at extending remote work far into the future. Others have announced that working from home is a permanent option even as offices reopen. 

So how do you find out how people are doing and what support they need to work effectively? How do you help your teams achieve resilience and stay motivated? 

The People Success Toolkit for Remote Work is a resource to help leaders and managers understand how remote work is impacting employees and how they can respond. It also contains advice to help people feel safe, connected, engaged, and productive. 

The best questions to ask employees about remote work

Informed by data from more than 2.5 million employee feedback responses, the toolkit has insights and tips for people at every level of your organization, from CEOs to individual employees. It includes the following components:

  • Survey questions for remote employees—what to ask and how to prioritize the feedback that’s most important for understanding employee engagement and productivity.
  • The four most important success habits—a roadmap for building a strong, people-centric culture across remote environments.
  • Conversation guide—tips for employees and managers to have effective one-on-one communications that build trust and empower employees to succeed.

Employee engagement isn’t static. Maintenance and growth starts with employee feedback that helps organizations understand the most pressing needs and concerns of their people. 

Learn more when you download the People Success Toolkit: Remote Work.

remote work toolkit for employee engagement