As we continue to explore what People Success looks like from one organization to another, we know how powerful habits can be. Even just a few simple habits can help managers and employees focus on creating an environment in which they’re comfortable bringing their best selves to work in order to do their best work. 

We’ve found that good habits allow everyone to regularly surface concerns, identify solutions, and make changes over time. Examples include:

  • Conversation habits. Managers likely hold regularly scheduled one-on-one and team meetings, using agendas that focus on the Five Pillars of People Success.
  • Goal-setting habits. Managers and employees review goals monthly, update them as needed, and make goals visible to colleagues.
  • Feedback habits. Everyone at an organization both seeks out feedback and provides forward-looking, development-oriented suggestions. This habit complements a regular cadence of pulse surveys.
  • Action-taking habits. Managers and employees acknowledge the reality of the insights gained from feedback. They collaborate to decide on a focus area and take just one step toward addressing it.

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