Title: People Science Consultant

Residence: Singapore

Home country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s one thing to be fascinated by what makes people tick; it’s another to parlay that into a livelihood that positively influences what others achieve in their careers. That’s precisely what Jacqueline Wong chose to do after a lightbulb moment during her postgraduate studies. 

“I’ve always been interested in studying people,” Jacqueline says. “I discovered the joy of using data to test hypotheses and identify solutions. It was then I realized I could make positive changes through my work.”

Blending psychology with data science enables Jacqueline to channel her drive to favorably impact otherssomething she does daily in her work at Glint.

Learn more about Jacqueline’s work and life.


What’s your specialty on the People Science Team? I’m a People Science Consultant in APAC.

What got you interested in People Science? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in studying people, but it wasn’t until my postgraduate studies that I came to enjoy using data to not only test hypotheses but also identify solutions. I love the great marriage of data and psychology that people science brings—I can use data to understand people and their behavior to gain actionable insights to make better business decisions.

How did you get to Glint? Through a referral. I wasn’t actively looking, but after getting to know more about Glint, I couldn’t imagine a workplace where values and points of view aligned more with mine.

What’s your motivation for doing what you do? In most things I do, professionally and personally, the impact of my actions is my biggest driver. I am most motivated when I see positive change resulting from my actions.

Any career goals you’re working toward? I don’t always have a career goal. And although sometimes I feel it sounds unambitious, I’ve come to embrace the fact that I’m very much a “now” person, and that my career goal is really to create meaningful outcomes in the work that I do.

What has been a big learning moment in your career? One of my biggest aha moments came during the early days of my career where I realized that we, as professionals, are always building our own individual brand, no matter where we work. So it’s very important to always work with integrity and stay authentic.

What’s your top tip? My first boss told me once, “The more senior you are, the harder it is to receive feedback (partly because of ego, partly some hesitance from others).” This is why it’s so important to create a culture of continuous feedback. And though it’s not always easy to take feedback (especially when it’s critical), never take it for granted.


Where are you from? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Where do you live now? In sunny Singapore, although it’s monsoon season right now, so there are more rainbows than sunshine this time of the year.

What was your first job? At 13, I signed up to hand out boxes of free hand-wash detergent samples at a grocery store. “It should be easy,” I thought. ”People will be clamoring to grab these bottles!” I ended up chasing people down the pharmacy aisle trying to convince them to take (free!) hand soaps. It took seven hours to clear the boxes, but it taught me at a young age that people don’t necessarily want free things, but quality ones. (And, well, relevant ones too, as I’m sure the boxes would have been cleared within minutes in the midst of the pandemic now!)

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? None. I can’t take caffeine, but I drink at least 4 cups of tisane tea a day!

What do you like to do outside of work? I’m really enjoying motherhood. Toddlerhood is such a fun and enchanting age. I love watching what my 20-month-old son, Jude, comes up with and how quickly he absorbs and learns.