Title: Head of People Science, EMEA

Residence: I recently moved to Dublin and soon plan to buy shares in umbrellas and rainwear.

Hometown: I was born in Germany and grew up in Hong Kong.

Steven Buck stumbled into People Science mostly by accident. An organisational psychologist, he started his career as a project manager, but he soon recognized consulting was a better fit for him.  

“I’m drawn to the problems our customers want to solve,” Steven says, “and love being able to help them get to the things that are really going to make a difference for their employees.”

At Glint, Steven is tuned into the EMEA marketplace. He focuses on everything from cultural nuances in the ways people and organisations work, to approaches to data privacy. As a German speaker, he spends a lot of time helping customers who do business in that language. 

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What’s your motivation for doing what you do? 

At its core, I want to help organisations develop employees who are happier and more successful at work. Sometimes, organisations want to be really progressive and agile, but have a lot of challenges to overcome. Helping advise and push those companies and see them ultimately overcome those challenges is a strong motivating factor for me. I also enjoy seeing the next wave of amazing People Science consultants learn and grow in their own careers.

Any career goals you’re working toward?

As Glint continues to grow as part of the LinkedIn family, I see an increasing role for myself to help promote and develop Glint as part of a more integrated service for our customers. There is a seemingly endless variety of things we could be doing together, so it’s going to be important to focus on the ones that really carry our joint value forward.

What has been a big learning moment in your career?

Two organisations that look almost identical in terms of size, industry and complexity can have very very different needs and challenges. Knowing how to navigate the bespoke element of what we do, whilst still keeping things efficient and effective is a skill every People Science consultant needs to have. 

What’s your top tip?

It’s often wise to start with all the tough conversations at once when moving to a more agile employee listening strategy. That way, you can navigate and reassure multiple stakeholders, and identify success stories within the organisation quickly.


What was your first job?

I was an art technician in the school I attended. It involved a lot of tidying up.

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

Three or four.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Cooking (I’m fuelled by plants), almost anything outdoors (particularly if there is a mountain or a body of water involved), Parkrun, aerial circus, and stand-up comedy. I’m currently training for my second marathon, because apparently I’ve completely forgotten how I felt at the end of the last one.

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