Glint, the People Success Platform that helps leading organizations increase employee engagement and develop their people, today introduced the Post-Survey Learning Experience, a first-of-its-kind feature that provides curated, bite-sized LinkedIn Learning videos at the end of recurring employee engagement surveys.

The goal is to help all employees by providing them with techniques to improve their team interactions. The videos are free to all Glint users.

The Post-Survey Learning Experience is Glint’s first offering targeted to not just managers and administrators, but all employees. The feature leverages the competitive advantage Glint has with LinkedIn Learning videos and provides employees with techniques and insights that can help drive positive post-survey team feedback and conversations

Today, many individual contributors’ experiences with employee engagement and other workplace surveys end when the responses are submitted. There often aren’t any next steps called out.

This can leave employees feeling disengaged and in a passive state where they await action from their leadership. At the perfect moment when they have just finished reflecting on their own happiness for the survey, employees aren’t given resources to further communicate and collaborate with their teams on ways to improve their employee experience and engagement.

LinkedIn Learning videos for happiness and success at work

The Post-Survey Learning Experience provides a selection of LinkedIn Learning videos curated by Glint People Scientists. The video topics support employees, in particular individual contributors, to take a greater role in owning their happiness and success at work.​ 

Glint's Post-Survey Learning Experience

Chosen for relevance as well as popularity with LinkedIn Learning users, the videos include:

Know when to listen and when to speak—Learn techniques that can help distinguish opportunities that require listening versus those that are improved by speaking up.

Benefits of being curious—Learn the benefits of cultivating curiosity, and how curiosity can positively impact professional and personal life.

Build relationships early and often—Learn how to strengthen relationships and make more authentic connections on a team.

Fixed, mixed, and growth mindsets—Learn how mindset has the power to change the work experience, and that a changeable mindset can affect happiness and success.

The Post-Survey Learning Experience continues Glint’s mission to help people be happier and more successful at work. Learn more about Glint’s LinkedIn Learning integration and People Success Platform.