When Glint joined the LinkedIn family in 2018, it was because we saw the promise of bringing together the world’s leading employee engagement platform with LinkedIn’s suite of talent products, enabling us to deliver a holistic view of talent inside and outside an organization, and to help leaders support and develop the people they hire. Our teams have delivered on this promise, helping organizations navigate the chaos of a pandemic world by listening and responding to their people and developing core skills to future-proof their teams.  

We’re proud of the organizations that we’ve been able to help, and we believe now is the time to expand the reach and scale of Glint to realize our mission of helping people be happier and more successful at work. That’s why today I’m excited to share more about the next chapter for Glint, one that will further accelerate our growth and impact. Glint will transition from LinkedIn to Microsoft to become a core part of the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform in 2023, building on the work we’ve done over the past year to integrate Glint with Viva Insights. 

With 41% of employees considering leaving their current employer, employee experience is now a business imperative (2021 Work Trend Index Annual Report). Powered by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Viva delivers a holistic experience across communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights to help teams thrive in the new era of hybrid work.  

Building Glint inside of Viva brings feedback and action-taking directly into the flow of work, making it easy for managers and teams to build habits that support people’s happiness, success, and well-being at work. At the same time, the addition of Glint to Viva helps organizations gain a greater understanding of the moments that matter across an employee’s lifecycle to shape and improve the employee experience based on what is most important to each person. With over 270 million people relying on Microsoft Teams to get work done, the possibilities for Glint, Viva, and humanity are truly endless—and I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. 

To learn more about the upcoming transition of Glint to Viva, take a look at today’s announcement by Microsoft.