At Glint, we have a radically different vision for the future of employee engagement. We believe employee engagement should be fueled by a data-driven, real-time platform involving employees, managers and leaders. That’s why we’re excited to announce the public launch of our state-of-the art platform, which gives employees a voice and delivers real-time feedback, insights and response tools to all leaders across the organization.

For decades, companies have struggled to measure employee engagement with tedious, marginally effective annual surveys that barely meet the needs of administrators and fail to meaningfully impact employee engagement. The data from these surveys is cumbersome, it sits with a few administrators for months, and by the time consulting firms finally deliver lengthy reports to a small group of leaders, the information is outdated. It’s a badly broken process that just doesn’t fit with our modern, always-on workplace.

Easy and elegant

We designed Glint for today’s workforce, offering a simple and elegant user interface that enables people to give quick and painless feedback. The Glint platform was built around the understanding that people’s time matters now more than ever, so we used short pulse surveys that encourage workers to give critical feedback without overburdening them.


Glint delivers employee feedback to managers and executives in real time, empowering them to quickly address issues and respond to people’s needs. Real-time results and insights eliminate the lengthy wait for results and deliver a true early warning solution. Instead of static reports, Glint provides an interactive dashboard that highlights important alerts and insights and allows leaders to drill down on the data for every possible segment of the organization.

Real-time access to results

Finally, Glint enables organizations to give managers real-time access to their results. We strongly believe that the power to create highly engaged organizations rests in the hands of every leader and manager in the organization, not just a few senior ones. Thus, managers can be given access to the data and insights required to quickly respond to the needs of their teams.

Managers need frequent feedback, and they need to know which engagement drivers have low scores and which ones have the highest impact on their teams. Managers need to see open-ended responses and comments so that they can truly understand the dynamics of their teams. Managers need alerts so that they can quickly find out if an issue arises. In short, managers need a platform that enables them to be engagement change agents in their companies.

The transformation of the way people work requires us to take a new approach to employee engagement. The old annual survey model doesn’t fit with today’s rapidly evolving workplace, especially for organizations committed to high levels of employee engagement. The pace of business has accelerated tremendously in the past decade, and with other formerly drawn-out processes now taking place in real time, we need a solution that allows HR to keep pace. As new technology revolutionizes so many aspects of our lives, we are excited to reinvent employee engagement for the digital age.