Heavy workloads, impersonal video meetings, social isolation, and blurring lines between work and home have employees feeling more disconnected and burned out than ever. Glint’s employee engagement research has found that, compared to before the pandemic, employees feel 31% less connected to their leaders and 37% less connected to their teammates. 

During this time, it’s crucial that managers connect with their employees and support their teams’ needs. As HR leaders know, the first step is for managers to understand how their employees feel, have regular conversations with them, and take ongoing action to ensure that their employees are supported, focused, and engaged. 

Yet, for most organizations, nearly 50% of managers can’t receive access to their team’s engagement survey results because they manage a small team that falls below confidentiality thresholds. These managers not only lack visibility into their team’s concerns, but they’re also unable to access valuable action-taking resources and tools. Imagine how these managers could improve employee engagement if they, too, could participate in the feedback process, identify opportunities, and make changes over time. 

Equipping and enabling managers to make focused, impactful change

Glint’s new Broader Team Insights feature empowers all managers—regardless of team size—with the data and action-taking resources they need to understand opportunity areas and improve engagement. Using this feature, HR leaders can give managers, including those with small teams, a high-level summary of their own manager’s results. With access to relevant data, small-team managers can lead productive conversations with their team on how they can address opportunity areas together. 

Now every manager can receive the insights and action-taking tools they need to actively support their team’s engagement. What’s more, with Glint’s Broader Team Insights, HR leaders can:

Create a culture of increased transparency

Broader Team Insights allows organizations to show their commitment to transparency and collaboration. Managers receive a high-level summary of their leader’s results, gaining the visibility they need to understand opportunity areas, set priorities, and collaborate with other managers and teammates. 

Glint's Broader Team Insights screen
With Broader Team Insights, managers can receive a high-level summary of their leader’s results.

Moreover, highly customizable configuration allows administrators to choose which roles receive a summary of their leader’s results and which survey programs apply, giving administrators the control they need to fit—and evolve—their culture. Organizations can decide on a visibility plan that works for them.

Broaden the impact of your engagement program 

Using this new feature, small-team managers will be able to take advantage of Glint’s industry-leading action-taking resources, providing them access to curated LinkedIn Learning content, goal-setting tools, and research-backed suggested actions.

Small-team managers can now access Glint’s action-taking resources and tools.

Conversation guidance, designed specifically for small-team managers, helps teams determine focus areas and take achievable, effective steps to improve employee engagement. 

Inspire managers to feel a greater sense of ownership 

By providing every manager with results, managers will feel a greater sense of responsibility over their team’s engagement. Additionally, given an understanding of their team’s broader dynamics, managers can help improve engagement for their department and the wider organization, as well. When every manager feels a sense of responsibility and ownership over team culture, sustainable change happens.

A people-centric strategy can only be sustained if everyone participates in the process of regularly surfacing concerns, identifying solutions, and making changes over time. With Broader Team Insights, organizations can enable every manager, including small-team managers, with insights about what matters to their people, and the guidance they need to support their teams and develop into more effective leaders. 

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Broader Team Insights will be ramping to Glint customers in the coming months. If you’d like to learn more about Broader Team Insights or request a demo, please reach out to us.