Glint is a purpose-driven organization, on a mission to help people be happier and more successful at work. To that end, we truly believe in the idea of People Powered Success: Our people are integral to our mission. Their experiences, ideas, skills, passions, and collaboration work together to fuel Glint’s momentum. Together, our people provide our customers with incredible experiences and help us share a new story with the world.

This week, we’re announcing a new publication: The Art & Science of People Success, an ongoing series brought to you by our People Science team. This group of experienced practitioners, researchers, and consultants work tirelessly to help our customers drive people success, and achieve organizational success. They provide best-in-class consulting and thought leadership, and inform and guide the evolution of our product, while developing best practices for the new world of real-time, data-driven people science.

This publication will be a channel for our People Science team to frequently share insights, best practices, case studies, research, and stories based on their experiences as advocates of people success. We’re excited to share their voice with you.

Head to the Glint People Science publication on Medium.