It was one of the biggest stories of 2015:’s rapid rise from fresh-faced startup to one of the hottest businesses in retail. Investors made their faith in the organization’s potential clear, valuing the ecommerce brand at $1.35B just 5 months after its launch.

According to last month’s New York Times article, Jet’s success can be attributed to one significant differentiator: happy and motivated employees. In the article, founder and chief executive Marc Lore emphasizes people as the company’s most important investment, acknowledging that the company “…has a chance to thrive in the long term only if it has the smartest & most motivated employees.”

In order to understand what motivates employees and keeps them engaged, is focused on transparency—and listening to its people. With monthly “Happiness Pulses” and analytics powered by Glint,’s leadership team shows its dedication to ensuring employees thrive even in times of rapid growth and change. The ability to keep a finger on the pulse of employee engagement helps create a “durable culture” —one that allows the organization to maintain its productivity and continue to disrupt the retail industry.

Read more about’s innovative people-first culture in the New York Times, and discover how Glint’s real-time employee engagement analytics can help your organization thrive here.