The world of work has changed dramatically, and with The Great Reshuffle and Hybrid Work Paradox, it’s clear that these are fundamental changes that will persist. For organizations to thrive, we need to adapt across people, places, and processes to keep employees connected and engaged. 

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Glint began this journey with an integration to give leaders line of sight into how work patterns impact employee well-being, so they can take effective action to help their people succeed. Alongside this, we’ve seen employees leverage technology to find ways to stay connected to their teams, learn new skills, and prioritize their well-being.

With this move to greater digital collaboration, it’s more important than ever for organizations to empower their employees for the digital age and take greater ownership over their well-being.

Together, Microsoft + Glint capture valuable employee feedback to improve the employee experience

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Microsoft Viva, allowing organizations to purchase Microsoft Viva and Glint together to measure and improve the employee experience. 

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, and insights to foster a culture of connection, growth, and well-being in the digital era. As organizations leverage Microsoft Viva to empower people to thrive, Glint provides a way to capture valuable employee feedback. Employees can voice how they feel and what they need, so organizations can identify concrete and objective ways to improve their experience at work. Combined, Microsoft Viva + Glint helps organizations measure and improve the employee experience, so they can engage, retain, and develop their people.

With Glint’s Microsoft Teams app, organizations can empower every employee to give feedback on their experience at work, in their flow of work. Managers are nudged in Microsoft Teams to listen to their employees and take action on their feedback. And leaders are able to leverage Microsoft’s Behavior Patterns for Glint Dashboard to combine privacy-protected sentiment data from Glint with behavioral data from Viva Insights.

Additionally, we will be bringing Microsoft Viva Insights automatically into Glint. This upcoming capability—currently in development—allows joint customers to analyze de-identified engagement data based on Viva Insights metrics, such as weekly collaboration hours, workweek span, and weekly 1:1 time with managers. Glint Smart Alerts also uses this data to help organizations identify populations suffering from low engagement or burnout so leaders can take action to increase well-being before employees decide to leave. 

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As part of the Microsoft family, Glint will continue to partner with Microsoft Viva to find new ways to help your people be happier and more successful at work.  

We are also offering a new joint plan for the Microsoft Viva suite with LinkedIn Glint to our enterprise customers. If you are a prospective customer interested in learning how you can purchase the joint plan, please contact your Microsoft representative. If you are a current Glint customer, please contact your Glint account manager to learn more.