At Glint, our mission is to help people be happier and more successful at work. In working with millions of employees and managers to increase engagement and build incredible cultures, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to help people thrive at work. One key learning is that engagement and performance are inextricably tied together. In fact, research shows that over 90% of leaders believe that engaged employees make for higher performers. Yet few companies tie employee engagement to their performance management processes.

Today, I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Glint Perform, an agile, forward-looking approach to helping your people develop and grow. Perform, an exciting addition to our People Success Platform, works by facilitating more frequent, higher quality conversations between managers and their teams. As the first platform to bridge the gap between employee engagement and performance management, Glint helps you tap into what truly motivates your people to drive your business forward.

Connect Performance and Engagement for Better Results

While most HR leaders have long suspected that an employee’s performance is deeply tied to their level of engagement, a lack of quantifiable data has made it difficult to shape performance management and employee engagement programs accordingly. In Peak Performance, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services set out to explore and measure the link between performance and engagement. The results are stunning. 

  • More than 90% of leaders believe that not only do engaged employees perform better, but also that employee engagement is critical to their business’s success.
  • Nearly 70% strongly agree that it is difficult to improve performance without also improving employee engagement.
  • Organizations that have strong execution in both their performance management and employee engagement programs drive better organizational outcomes. Compared to the average organization, they have a 50% or higher likelihood of improving employee retention, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Yet only 1 in 6 organizations believe their employees are both strong performers and highly engaged.

These findings clearly illustrate the power and potential of integrating performance management and employee engagement.

Achieve People Success with Glint Perform

We believe technology can play an incredibly powerful role in transforming performance management. Not only can it bring engagement and performance insights together in a single place, but it can also help you implement a more agile strategy for conversations, feedback, and goal-setting. In fact, the right solution can help drive behavior change and build stronger capabilities around these practices, allowing HR teams to scale their impact. 

With the above in mind, we designed Glint Perform’s conversations, feedback, goals, and insights modules according to the following four principles:

1. Continuous and forward-looking: In order to foster continuous improvement, performance management needs to be an ongoing, relevant part of employees’ lives. To enable this, we’ve focused on delivering a simple and flexible user experience, building Glint Perform into the flow of work, and using nudges and reminders to create a habit of more frequent conversation.

2. Growth-oriented: Glint Perform is designed to help employees and managers take more ownership over growth and development. We build the expertise of our People Science team directly into the platform, so managers and employees benefit from proven coaching techniques and best-practice guidance.An image of Glint Perform conversations

Image: Glint Perform provides built-in guidance to improve conversation quality

3. Harnesses motivation & engagement: Sustainable performance improvements require employees who are truly happy and motivated. Glint Perform integrates with our engagement solution, helping managers understand their team’s key engagement drivers and guiding them toward the necessary steps to improve employee motivation.

4. Holistic view of performance: Glint Perform provides a more accurate, nuanced view of individual performance by showing it within the broader team and organizational context. Through its integration with Glint’s engagement solution, and by leveraging Glint’s advanced analytic and natural language processing capabilities, Perform can reveal insights such as: “What are the most discussed topics within a team, and how do these differ by gender or tenure?” “How do team dynamics affect the performance of individuals on that team?” and “What is the impact of conversation frequency and quality on outcomes such as engagement, goal achievement, and growth?”

Learn more about Glint Perform

Together, the platform capabilities of Glint’s leading employee engagement solution and Perform are a key step forward in delivering Glint’s People Success vision. 

Glint Perform is currently in a closed charter program, and we’re seeing an 84% adoption rate to date. We have tens of thousands of employees across a range of industries—such as healthcare, construction, and financial services—using it with great success. More importantly, Glint Perform users are highlighting the platform’s ease of use and saying it enables higher quality conversations. 

These early, but promising, results show Glint is onto something big. We invite you on this journey to help people be happier and more successful at work. Learn more about how to get early access to Glint Perform.