People leaders can create a thriving culture that drives employee engagement, well-being, and growth.


In reflecting on how the pandemic has reshaped the world of work, it’s clear that organizations that listen to how their people are feeling and respond in meaningful ways do a much better job of navigating an uncertain future. For instance, leaders who made space for employee feedback quickly learned that many of the things their people value most—a sense of connection to their teams, the opportunity to grow, and the ability to draw boundaries between work and personal life—are deeply challenged in today’s hybrid-work environment. Those leaders also understand how a renewed focus on racial and social justice requires that they look deeply at their culture and values, particularly as they relate to diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIBs)

An organization’s ability to adapt and succeed during these times depends on the strength and resilience of their workforce. And it’s possible for any organization, and any leader, to do this work—once they adopt a people-centric strategy to support their employees’ engagement, development, and well-being.

People Success is the way forward 

A people-centric strategy is essential to creating a more meaningful employee experience that encourages each individual to bring their best self to work and do their best work—what we at Glint call People Success

Our research shows that organizations that excel at creating People Success by listening and responding to their people’s needs see:

  • 2.5x higher profit; 
  • 3x lower attrition; and 
  • 3x lower burnout. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a leader asking yourself and your peers: How can we craft and implement a people-centric strategy to help our employees achieve happiness and success in today’s hybrid-work environment—and beyond? 

It starts with a deep understanding of what employees need, leveraging new and existing touch points to gather feedback and glean insights into the norms and behaviors that make up your organization’s culture. It continues with ensuring your leaders and managers are equipped with personalized insights and guidance about what matters most to their teams, allowing them to create the best experiences for their people. Most importantly, a people-centric strategy goes beyond taking a top-down approach to addressing employee needs. It focuses on empowering every person in your organization to play a role in co-creating the experience they want. A people-centric strategy can only be sustained if everyone participates in the process of regularly surfacing concerns, identifying solutions, and making changes over time. 

Evolving Glint’s People Success Platform for the new world of work

Since Glint’s founding, we’ve been fortunate to work with many of the world’s most innovative, forward-looking organizations to advance their people strategy, primarily emphasizing the measurement and improvement of employee engagement. We’ve continued these partnerships as we’ve navigated recent unprecedented times together, and we’ve also evolved the Glint platform to meet the needs of the new distributed workforce.

Today, I’m pleased to unveil an exciting new direction for Glint’s People Success Platform, one that addresses a far broader swath of the employee experience to help organizations fully realize the vision of People Success by creating a thriving culture filled with engaged employees and inspiring leaders. 

Glint’s People Success Platform empowers employees to share their voice, shape their team’s culture, and seek feedback that helps them improve. 

It enables managers with insights about what matters to their people, and guidance they need to support their teams and develop into more effective leaders. 

And it provides HR and executives with a deeper understanding of what drives people and business success to inform investments in initiatives that improve belonging, well-being, and development, and help the organization thrive.  

While our enhanced platform delivers unparalleled insights into the employee experience, and enables more managers and employees to take joint ownership over their growth and engagement, what makes it so effective is the way it guides people at every level of the organization to develop a set of simple, repeatable behaviors we call People Success Habits. These include: 

  • Feedback: seeking input and reflecting on insights 
  • Conversations: prioritizing time to listen and share
  • Focus: setting meaningful focus areas 
  • Learning: exploring opportunities and recognizing progress

Jacob Norman, Talent Insights Director of Glint customer CHRISTUS Health, says the People Success Platform has helped his organization “engage employees and create conversations that lead to improvement and growth.” Learn more about the CHRISTUS Health story here.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the platform today and what’s coming later this year.

New touch points and insights into the employee experience

Glint helps organizations stay connected with their people through more frequent, meaningful feedback on relevant topics that shape the employee experience. We’ve introduced a number of programs and corresponding toolkits since the pandemic began to enable organizations to respond quickly to their people’s needs, create a thoughtful plan for recovery that’s tailored to their unique situation, and transform their strategy for long-term success. These new programs address well-being, virtual work, returning to the workplace, and reimagining your people strategy, among other timely concerns. 

We’re also committed to helping organizations strengthen their culture and make progress on their Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) goals.

Glint’s Culture program enables you to shape the collective identity of your organization by measuring group behaviors that impact day-to-day outcomes and equipping your leaders to adopt behaviors that support your business and your people.

Glint's culture heatmap

Glint’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging program helps organizations create an environment where all people feel they belong by measuring key aspects such as inclusive leadership and opportunities for success, and empowering managers to build inclusive practices on their teams. 

Glint DIBs survey

Supporting continuous learning and growth

The opportunity to learn and grow remains a top driver of employee engagement and retention regardless of how the work environment changes. To support this need, we have integrated with world-class learning content and brought developmental feedback into Glint. 

LinkedIn Learning for Glint helps managers learn new skills and better support their teams, all in the flow of work. Managers gain access to LinkedIn Learning videos relevant to their team’s employee engagement results, setting them up to take action and make improvements successfully.

Linkedin Learning for Glint

360 Feedback gives your people greater transparency and ownership over their development. Employees have access to holistic feedback from diverse perspectives, intuitive reporting, and integrated LinkedIn Learning content to help them develop as leaders. (Learn how customer Ericsson uses Glint 360s to help guide talent and business strategy.)

Anytime Feedback, also featuring an integration with LinkedIn Learning content, gives every employee the ability to seek, provide, and act on timely feedback, fostering greater self-awareness, continuous learning, and growth. 

Glint's Anytime Feedback

Equipping every manager with actionable insights and guidance

Managers play an outsized role in an employee’s experience at work, but nearly 50% of managers don’t meet the confidentiality threshold required to view feedback from their teams, much less the guidance and coaching to act on it. 

With the recent launch of Broader Team Insights, Glint brings more managers into the process of strengthening engagement, development, and well-being on their teams. Now, managers of small teams will see a high-level summary of their own manager’s results, enabling them to lead productive conversations with their team on how they can address opportunity areas together. Glint’s state-of-the-art analytics engine powers predictive insights that help HR teams, leaders, and managers quickly make sense of the data, understand root causes, and connect insight with outcomes like regrettable attrition and the organization’s business goals.

Glint's Broader Team Insights screen

Connecting work patterns and norms with employee perceptions

While engagement surveys have been the primary way for organizations to measure how employees feel about their experience, what’s been missing to date is the ability to connect those insights to the collaboration patterns that shape employee perceptions. 

Glint’s partnership with Microsoft Viva, currently in pilot, allows organizations to combine de-identified and aggregated employee feedback from Glint—“how people feel”—with de-identified and aggregated collaboration data from Microsoft Viva Insights—”how people work.” This integration unlocks new insights that help leaders deeply understand key elements of the employee experience and, most importantly, identify concrete and objective ways to improve it.

Glint with Microsoft Viva

Guiding your people to develop habits for success

HR leaders and managers have historically been the ones expected to shoulder the full burden of taking action on feedback. Employees are rarely invited to view results, brainstorm next steps, or take action to make improvements—even though they’re the most impacted. 

Glint’s People Success Platform invites your people to participate in the process of creating better experiences at work. The platform helps employees adopt the People Success Habits by encouraging them to seek and act on feedback, set meaningful focus areas, check in regularly on progress, and learn new skills. We are launching a number of exciting experiences later this year to empower managers and employees. These include:

  • Guided conversations leveraging Glint’s ACT framework, allowing managers and employees to build action plans together and collaborate on improving the employee experience. 
  • Employee recommendations, empowering all employees to learn and improve after they complete an engagement pulse through relevant, timely LinkedIn Learning content and suggestions. 

You will also see that we’re deepening our integration with Microsoft Teams in an effort to help organizations create a culture of feedback and growth. Today, this integration nudges your people to provide suggestions and view results in their flow of work. In the future, we’ll deliver personalized nudges for employees and managers to help them strengthen and sustain habits for success. 

Get started

The world of work has never been more challenging—or exciting. We look forward to partnering with you and your organization on the journey to build the new world of work together.

Get started with Glint to help people across your organization thrive: 

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