Editors Note: This post is no longer updated effective 8/1/20. Many of these resources are helpful and active. For the newest content please visit The People Success Blog or our page about Building the New World of Work on a Foundation of People Success


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous disruption in our work and personal lives, along with emotional and psychological distress. Overnight, the world has experienced an urgent need for access to trusted news sources and major shifts, such as working from home, to protect health and safety. The coronavirus has had a highly personal impact on every person’s basic need for safety and security. Organizations must address these fundamental needs before they can achieve any degree of “business as usual.”

We’ve put together a set of resources—from peer discussions to expert Q&As to blogs to curated industry articles—to help you support your people through these challenging times. 

Community Resources

People Success Forum: Navigating Challenging Times Together

A LinkedIn Group that connects HR and people leaders to each other. It is a place to share best practices and lessons learned. You’ll also find moral support during times of uncertainty and stress. Join us!

The Glint Community

A Glint customer-only community that connects customers to each other and to exclusive training, access to People Science resources, webinars, and guidance. (You must be a Glint customer to access the Glint Community.)


How to Survey Employees During COVID-19 and What to Ask

A quick guide with Glint’s recommendations for how best to survey employees and what to ask—featuring Glint survey items that you can start using.

Manager Toolkit for COVID-19

Once you’ve done an employee engagement pulse survey, it’s important to equip and enable your managers. This toolkit offers three helpful one-pagers built to help managers talk about the survey data, have successful conversations with their employees, and stay connected.

A People Success Toolkit: Remote Work

This toolkit is designed to help leaders and managers understand how remote work is impacting employees and how they can respond. It contains advice on what to ask and do to help people feel safe, connected, engaged, and productive.

A People Success Toolkit: Return to the Workplace

This resource will help leaders figure out how to approach the difficulties of bringing employees back to the workplace.

Respond. Recover. Reimagine. Building the New World of Work on a Foundation of People Success

Toolkits to help Senior Leaders, HR professionals, managers, and employees navigate the phases their organization may experience—Respond, Recover, and Reimagine. Toolkits offer practical advice and concrete next steps on topics like Remote Work, Return to the Workplace, and Reimagining People Strategy.

Events & Webinars

Please check our events page for the most up-to-date live events and our resources page for on-demand events.

Ask the People Science Experts: Advice, Stories & Lessons Learned from HR Leaders Today

This weekly series combines the insights and wisdom of Glint’s People Science consultants, real experiences from HR leaders, and an “Ask Me Anything” format, providing you and other people leaders with solutions and inspiration that will help you survive or even thrive in the current environment. Join us every Tuesday at 11 AM PT/2PM ET.

How to Connect with Your Employees During Challenging Times 

Join Glint’s leading People Scientists in a webinar that will: 1) explore common questions about how to connect with your employees during challenging times, including surveys; 2) share tips, advice, and best practices; and 3) answer your questions.


Written by our People Science team, our blogs offer actionable guidance on a range of top-of-mind issues.

How to Connect with Employees in Times of Distress

What is it that people need at work to remain productive and successful during times of distress? This post examines the value and critical importance of ongoing feedback and action taking, especially in uncertain times.

7 Tips for Taking a People-Centric Approach to Communicating with Your Employees in Times of Distress

What does a people-centric communication look like during times of distress? This post answers that question with seven concrete actions to help guide you and your organization.

Caring for Our Well-Being While Working in Times of Distress

What can we do to care for our own well-being while working? The science on what helps people thrive at work points to three things you can try right now: reflect, connect, and prioritize.

Pulsing in Times of Distress: Customer Questions

Explore the top questions from people leaders who are making human-centric, thoughtful decisions to support their employees and their businesses.

How Can I Help My Organization Be Resilient?

Understand what it means to create a truly resilient organization. How can you develop and reinforce the strengths of teams as well as help your broader organization build your resilience muscle?

Culture at Work: Three Signs of a Resilient Organization

Get to know three cultural characteristics that drive organizational resilience. Employees at organizations where these characteristics are strong are 4.3 times more engaged compared to those who are not.

Helping Your People Stay Engaged During Times of Distress

Understand the most effective ways to help your employees be their best selves and do their best work during challenging times.

Why Performance Management Doesn’t Work Now

Now might be the best time to rethink how you inspire the performance of your people.


A curated list of helpful content from industry leaders and news outlets.

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers Responding to Coronavirus Disease: Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease — CDC

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Employee Listening During the Pandemic — Serena H. Huang, Ph.D.

Responding to COVID-19. Ten Lessons From the World’s HR Leaders — Josh Bersin

Are You Leading Through the Crisis…or Managing the Response? — Harvard Business Review, Eric J. McNulty and Leonard Marcus

How to Manage Your Culture Through a Crisis — Chester Elton

5 Tactics for Maintaining Strong Employee Morale During Difficult TimesLinkedIn Talent Solutions Blog, Bruce Anderson