At Glint, we believe that when your people succeed, your organization succeeds. Happy and successful people working toward common goals lead to teams that deliver outstanding results for the organization.

A New Approach

Traditionally, the starting point for designing solutions has been the organization itself – hence the terms “organizational development,” and “organizational effectiveness.” While these are clearly desirable outcomes, they describe end goals while omitting the means. The resulting solutions focus on the organization and work backward, leaving people either out of the picture or with products that don’t meet their needs.

Glint’s approach is to start with the individual first. This is a subtle yet profound shift – a result of design thinking. In design thinking, we don’t start by figuring out solutions to assumed problems. We start by asking what the right problems are, and by redefining the problem itself. If people truly fuel the success of the organization, the key problem to solve is really, How do we help people be happier and more successful in an organizational context? The answer to this question is the key to driving engagement, performance, retention, and more.

People-Centric Architecture

A result of design thinking, Glint’s “people-centric architecture” puts people at the center of the universe, not surveys. Unlike most products, which generate silo-ed surveys that don’t talk to each other, Glint’s architecture can provide a single, comprehensive view of employees and teams across the entire employee lifecycle. This creates a holistic understanding of what really matters, how it matters, and what to do about it at all levels of the organization, and across different modes of feedback, across time and organizational change. The end result is a dramatically more powerful platform and demonstrably superior results.

Proactive Intelligence

Most engagement solutions are reactive in nature. They offer a view of the past, representing data that’s weeks or months old, rarely helping you understand how to positively impact the future. Imagine driving a car looking only at your rear-view mirror. That’s what the traditional annual survey does: it forces organizations to react to events and opportunities that have already passed by. The true gift of real-time feedback is its ability to allow organizations to be proactive, not reactive. When combined with predictive AI-for-HR™ technologies, the Glint platform becomes a GPS, giving HR teams, leaders, managers, and employees turn-by-turn directions to success.

Continuous Development

Sustainable change comes when challenges are responded to in a timely fashion and opportunities are routinely capitalized on. By significantly shortening the time from survey to action (think minutes, rather than months), Glint facilitates an ongoing process of feedback, learning, and change between managers and employees. It helps managers overcome the most common barriers to effective action by prescribing focus areas and offering detailed guidance. The outcome: managers and employees who have quality, development-focused conversations on a regular basis, not just once a year.

Linkage to Business Outcomes

Every organization is different and has its own unique formula for success. Understanding the relationship between measures of individual success and measures of organizational success for your organization is critical in deciding what investments to make to improve business outcomes. Glint is the only real-time platform that identifies these connections clearly, team-by-team, and provides recommendations for improving the metrics that are important to your business.

Glint: The People Success Platform

Our vision is to create the leading platform for people success, helping forward-thinking organizations increase engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. Only the Glint people success platform fuels your success through a people-centric architecture, proactive intelligence, continuous improvement, and integrated linkage to business outcomes. These pillars form the foundation of our product and our approach – and come together to help millions of people be happier and more successful. When your people succeed, your organization succeeds.