Losing sleep over employee retention? Just three changes can have a big impact on retaining people and setting your organization on the path to success.

To capitalize on these changes, your organization may need to let go of some established practices—such as a traditional employee engagement survey and a weighty annual report. But those who’ve made the shifts are discovering increased employee retention as well as improvements in other business outcomes.

How employee engagement links to retention

Understanding employee engagement is important when you’re concerned about retaining people. Engaged employees invest their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral energies toward positive outcomes. And according to Gallup, highly engaged organizations see 51% less turnover.

Here are three changes you can make to your employee engagement strategy that can help improve retention:

Change 1: Ditch your annual employee engagement survey.

Here’s why: Running a survey only once a year means insights arrive too infrequently to serve today’s dynamic, fast-moving workplaces.

Change 2: Stop fixing engagement challenges for your former employees.

Here’s why: Relying only on exit interviews means you’re anchoring on history instead of focusing on the needs of current employees.

Change 3: Throw out your one-size-fits-all strategy.

Here’s why: Engagement is heavily affected by what’s going on inside individual business units, teams, and locations.

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