“The Glint surveys make me feel like DCP wants to know my opinion. The thing I love about working here is that our leaders are taking action and doing something with the Glint results. We’re not just measuring something to measure something — we’re trying to improve on the scores.”

Angela Tonelli, Director of Financial Systems, DCP Midstream


  • DCP Midstream chose Glint to help steer its 2020 framework and company transformation
  • Based on the Glint results, new programs and leadership classes have been implemented and the company is seeing continuous improvement
  • Glint results indicate that educated decision- making and implemented changes have led to an increased sense of cultural ownership, awareness, collaboration, and engagement
  • DCP teams are working together on their collective survey results and have made a push towards adopting activities to increase workplace collaboration


DCP Midstream is a Fortune 500 company, one of the largest producers of NGLs and one of the largest natural gas processing companies in the U.S. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, DCP has been an industry leader for nearly 90 years and has 2,700 employees. The company has operations in 9 states, including 61 plants, 12 fractionating facilities and approximately 4,300 miles of NGL gathering and transmission pipelines.


In 2015, DCP embarked on a five-year journey to transform the business by leaning into technology and driving continuous innovation to address the changing state of the midstream industry. The outcome of this effort was “DCP 2020” – a vision designed to position DCP to be sustainable in any market environment and focus on operational excellence.

To support its technological transformation, DCP established a Chief Transformation Officer role in 2017 and built a new function, DCP 2.0. The function is responsible for driving innovation and technology solutions throughout DCP, accelerating the company’s 2020 vision by looking at new ways of utilizing technology to do business, increase collaboration, and support rapid innovation adoption. Departments across DCP have adopted new technology to digitize the company’s operations and corporate functions. The result has disrupted how DCP has traditionally done business and led to a substantial return on investment.

Along with the focus on technology, leaders at DCP knew that the company’s culture also needed to be supportive of collaboration, to empower employees, and to be transparent. When DCP 2020 was launched, leaders had little insight into how employees felt in their roles or about their work. Without a more detailed understanding, leaders were precluded from making meaningful changes to the work environment that would support the company’s focus on transformation.


DCP turned to Glint in 2018 with the goals of better understanding what was important to employees and what they were thinking and feeling about the company and its focus on transformation. DCP leadership wanted to give a collective voice to its employees and bring transparency and employee ownership to the transformation process. Further, DCP’s leadership team wanted to be able to track progress on the company’s cultural transformation.

Utilizing Glint, DCP surveys employees three times per year. The results are shared with the senior leadership team, then cascaded down to managers, who now own their team’s action plans.


One team that has seen significant success since adopting the new Glint employee feedback approach is DCP’s Finance team, a 200-person organization incorporating multiple changes to help the company achieve its DCP 2020 vision. The results of the team surveys — including both quantitative scores and qualitative comments — revealed Collaboration and Decision-Making as critical focus areas for the Finance team. Not only were these areas identified as important to the team’s happiness and success, but they were also identified as major roadblocks to empowerment, and employee empowerment is the CFO’s major goal.

Based on the survey results, the Finance team implemented a series of leadership trainings and made training adjustments based on additional feedback received from the Glint pulse surveys during the course of the year. In addition to the multiple leadership classes, a one-day workshop called “Radical Inclusion” brought the entire Finance team together to understand why transformation is important and empowered employees to create a vision for how the Finance organization will contribute to the company’s transformation journey. After the first round of classes, manager feedback increased by 8 points.

The CFO is debriefed on culture results in weekly staff meetings, quarterly all-hands, and at all leadership off-sites. Leadership also encourages those on the Finance team to own their action items and has worked closely with individual leaders and managers to execute on those items. In the company’s latest survey from September 2018, the Finance team experienced significant improvements, seeing leadership Communication scores increase 5 points and Decision-Making improve by 9 points.

“Before, we were less aware of what was important to the team and what they were thinking. There was a feeling that certain things were important, but leadership didn’t really know,” said Tonelli. “Going through the engagement surveys, gave voice to the things that are important and the things employees are concerned about. Seeing the results and getting the feedback helps leadership make the right changes at the right time and continue our transformation journey.

Employees now have a place for their voices to be heard and leadership has a better understanding what is important to different team members and functions.”

As this core team at DCP gathers momentum by harnessing employee feedback, encouraging conversations, and taking action, other teams around the organization have a “success story” they can look to and model. As a result, DCP is a step closer to its 2020 Framework — and to helping transform the midstream industry.

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