“We believe deeply in understanding people and helping them enjoy work — it’s the difference between a successful company and one that fails. Glint gives us a pulse on our company. We can spot issues, respond and see corresponding score increases monthly.”

Amy Errett, CEO and Co-Founder, Madison Reed


  • Frequent feedback from Glint pulses empowered team leadership to address issues quickly and effectively
  • Confidential, user-friendly platform made staff feel comfortable giving direct and honest feedback
  • Month-to-month analytics showed how changes in employee satisfaction were tied to specific company events, and enabled leadership to see score improvements following their response


Madison Reed – a start-up disrupting the hair care industry – provides licensed professional colorists and salon quality hair care products to deliver a healthy, salon hair care and coloring experience straight to the customer’s doorstep. Launched in 2013, the San Francisco-based company employs a diverse workforce that includes engineers, colorists, stylists and remote employees


Understanding employees and helping them enjoy their work has always been important to the executive team at Madison Reed. “We believe deeply in understanding people and helping them enjoy work,” said Madison Reed CEO and Co-Founder Amy Errett. “It’s the difference between a successful company and one that fails. Executive leadership is always the last to know what’s really going on — we get a watered-down version of the truth.”

Madison Reed has a variety of employees: some hourly, some salaried, some technical, some customer-facing, some in the main office, some remote. They wanted something to help keep everyone across a diverse workforce engaged and working together as a team.


Madison Reed selected Glint to measure and improve employee engagement. They chose the high frequency of Glint’s monthly pulses to enable Madison Reed’s executive team to take immediate action to address issues in near real time. The ability to view engagement statistics by department also helped the company uncover specific issues quickly. “The group-by-group breakdown is really valuable; it enables us to understand team dynamics and team leadership very clearly,” said Madison Reed CEO and Co-Founder Amy Errett. In addition, Glint’s confidential, user-friendly platform established a level of trust that made employees feel comfortable giving very direct feedback instead of the diluted information that filtered through before.

One month, Madison Reed had a 13-point drop in their Glint eSat score on one specific team. The Glint driver scores combined with the team’s anonymous comments pointed specifically to their concerns. “We took action,” said Errett. “We showed we were listening, and then we got real – quickly – to discuss it and address it. It was very productive and we’ve seen the scores increase as a result.”

Errett now talks with the entire workforce about the Glint results every month and describes what is being done in response, showing that the company truly pays attention to people’s concerns

“We also see how new processes or initiatives in our business can cause stress (through lower scores), but because of the driver data, we see why, making it more actionable,” said Eric Hutchinson, COO. “We view the data, drill-down, and act.”

With Glint, Madison Reed’s leadership now has an invaluable tool to get frequent, unfiltered engagement data from its employees. It’s a big help in the company’s goal to understand its people and help them enjoy their work.


  • Provided team leadership with immediate, honest feedback about front-line issues
  • Enabled company executives to track engagement across a diverse workforce in different locations, boosting team unity
  • Month-to-month comparisons helped the company address problems quickly and keep satisfaction high
  • Laid the foundation for monthly company-wide engagement updates to build a close-knit team and maintain a positive dialogue