“I love the granularity – the ability to drill down and identify where we need to take immediate action. We analyzed the driver scores from our first pulse and identified work-life balance issues specific to certain groups. We are partnering with those groups to develop a response plan that in some cases will include delivering more resources to support the team.”

Joan Burke, SVP Human Resources, Marketo


  • Marketo quickly and successfully met a corporate goal to measure employee engagement
  • Glint’s lightweight and agile solution made it easy for HR to keep track of engagement across a rapidly-changing workforce without getting overwhelmed by administrative tasks
  • The ability to get alerts and quickly analyze results from different employee segments allowed leadership to spot and address specific issues that weren’t apparent in aggregated results


Marketo is a leading provider of digital marketing software and solutions. Founded in 2007, the publicly traded company is based in San Mateo, California and has been growing rapidly as a trailblazer in the red-hot marketing automation technology space. Marketo currently serves over 3,300 customers in more than 36 countries, with a workforce spread across offices in Atlanta, Dublin, Sydney, Tokyo and the UK.


When Joan Burke joined Marketo in 2014, the company had already set a goal to measure employee engagement that was a top priority communicated to the company’s board of directors. Marketo had used a survey tool in the past to get feedback on employee satisfaction, but it didn’t provide enough insight, real-time reporting, or manager dashboards to really effect change. More recently, the HR team had considered a few solutions, but found they were complicated, expensive and required an enormous amount of administrative work from the staff. Marketo planned to increase its workforce significantly within a year, so it needed a solution that delivered insights fast and often. As one executive put it, “annual surveys just don’t work for us.”


With Glint, Joan and the team quickly and easily created their first employee pulse and started getting meaningful results on employee engagement almost immediately. Nancy Treolo, Marketo’s Director of HR Operations, called the implementation process “quick and easy – painless.” Everyone at the company responded positively to the simple survey interface.

“I filled out the Glint pulse on my phone. The responsive interface was formatted perfectly with nice animation and clear buttons. It was clearly thought-through and delightful – a very well designed experience,” said Glen Lipka, VP User Experience at Marketo. “The little touches make all the difference. It made the task pleasurable.”

Along with the quick implementation, executive leadership also appreciated the ability to group the data in different ways, allowing them to see how employees who had been hired over a certain time period were adjusting to the company, for example. In one instance, the HR team was able to spot an issue related to work-life balance within a specific employee segment that hadn’t shown up across the company as a whole. In response, the HR business partner for that group is working with them to help secure the resources to address the issue. Without Glint to alert them to this localized issue, it would have been very difficult to uncover.

Glint is now the basis for communicating results to employees through company meetings and CEO videos as well as a key resource to empower managers. Marketo has begun rolling out Glint to executives and team leaders, giving them visibility into engagement data and issues specific to their departments or locations. The HR team helps to enable managers to take action locally with the participation and support of their teams.


  • Marketo was able to get up and running quickly and easily with Glint’s cloud-based solution
  • Quarterly pulses allow the company to get relevant feedback from new and long-term employees as it continues to grow rapidly
  • HR leadership was able to work with managers to design and implement specific response plans based on insights from Glint pulses
  • Company leadership values the ability to get alerts and granular insights on different parts of the company, while maintaining the confidentiality required for honest feedback
  • The Glint rollout will empower managers globally to understand employee engagement dynamics on their teams and take action locally