“Glint is an integral part of keeping what’s great about us great. The platform helps us understand how people are feeling, providing unique insight into employees’ wants and needs, along with real- time intelligence that allows us to take positive action. With Glint, our employees see proof that we are working to continuously improve satisfaction and engagement.”

Danny Shader, CEO, PayNearMe


  • Glint’s monthly pulses help PayNearMe sustain its strong company culture during rapid growth
  • Intuitive dashboards give managers real-time insight into their teams, helping to identify engagement issues that had previously gone unnoticed
  • Quick and easy implementation allowed PayNearMe to establish a foundation for improving employee engagement with low administrative overhead


PayNearMe is the electronic cash-transaction network that enables consumers to use cash to pay rent and utility bills, repay loans, buy tickets, make online purchases, and more. Based in Sunnyvale, CA, the fast-growing startup employs more than 70 people and has seen triple-digit increases in payment volume processed through its service in the past year alone. PayNearMe offers its services through more than 17,000 trusted locations across the United States, including 7-Eleven® and Family Dollar®. Most stores are open 24 hours per day, giving people the ability to make payments on their own schedule and in their own neighborhood in less than a minute.


PayNearMe was growing rapidly and needed a solution for maintaining its thriving culture as new people joined the organization at all levels. With an intense focus on building a fantastic product and providing services to a growing user base, PayNearMe needed an automated, administration-free system for measuring and maintaining employee engagement.

In addition to an easy-to-use platform, PayNearMe was looking for robust analytic capabilities to give leaders visibility into employee engagement as the company’s growth accelerated.

“We were very interested in what we’d learn from the Glint pulses,” said PayNearMe CEO Danny Shader. “We wanted to get a handle on how people were feeling about a wide range of issues, across all of our departments, and that gets harder as your company grows.”


PayNearMe got up and running with Glint in no time, and sent out its first pulse in July 2014. The company sends monthly pulses to its employees, who appreciate the quick and elegant format of the pulse surveys, which can typically be completed in fewer than two minutes. Managers have embraced the Glint dashboard, which automatically alerts them to significant trends in employee engagement and provides deep insights in an easy-to- consume format.

“We really like the dashboard—it gives leaders everything they need to know right there,” said Shader. “Managers also value the chance to get people’s honest feedback on specific issues in their own words with Glint’s confidential commenting capabilities.”

Shortly after deployment, Glint data uncovered an employee engagement issue that had been developing under the radar. Glint’s analytics gave PayNearMe the intelligence it needed to take action immediately, which manifested in higher engagement scores in the following pulses. Today, PayNearMe holds quarterly all- hands meetings to share results from the Glint pulses and to talk about the most important issues that have surfaced, as well as how the company is responding to them.

With Glint, leaders at PayNearMe have been able to show that they take employee needs and concerns seriously.

“It demonstrates to our employees that we care,” Shader said. “Glint helps us understand how people are feeling and it makes them feel appreciated when they see us working continuously to improve satisfaction and engagement.”


  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Frequent employee pulses, empowering the company to stay ahead of new issues during a rapid growth period
  • Interactive dashboards and alerts to provide immediate insight into employee engagement
  • Honest and direct feedback delivered through Glint’s confidential commenting capabilities
  • Granular data and actionable intelligence to guide new efforts that boost employee engagement