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“As one of the world’s largest airlines with approximately 85,000 aviation professionals across five continents, nothing is more critical to our success than their trust and engagement. United’s new partnership with Glint will play an important role in accelerating our people strategy and achieving our company’s full potential.” – Mike Ellis, SVP, HR, United Airlines

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Getting Started

We provide you everything you need to get up and running quickly. Our customer success team works with you to make it as easy as:


We partner with you to choose the pulse frequency and engagement drivers (use ours or create your own). You compile your employee data and choose the attributes you want for analysis. We provide customizable employee communication templates and let you preview it all.


We handle the pulse communications, ensuring employee confidentiality. We keep you up to date during your active pulse and guide you on how to maximize participation. Login anytime to see real-time status.


Once your pulse is closed, you’re ready to explore the data. Sophisticated reports and analytics are available immediately. Real-time alerts and insights will guide you, but we’re always here to help. Ready to communicate results and prioritize action? We’ll help with those too.


In addition to seeing their team’s engagement results, managers also receive recommended action plans. Glint guides them through the process of interpreting the data and taking steps to improve.

Common Questions

  • How frequent are pulses?
    You decide how frequently you want to pulse your employees. Most of our customers pulse monthly or quarterly.
  • Do I need to install anything?
    Nope. Glint is a SaaS application that runs on our servers. All you need is a browser.
  • How is it priced?
    We base our pricing primarily on the number of employees in your organization. We offer different service levels to meet your needs and budget.
  • How secure is the data?
    We know that your employee data is sensitive and valuable. We go to great lengths to protect it.
  • Is Glint a perpetual or subscription license model?
    Glint is only offered as an annual subscription. It’s our job to earn your business every year.
  • What about confidentiality?
    All employee responses are confidential. Glint users can typically only view results for groups of 5 or more and comments for larger groups.

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