Employee Development

Support ongoing feedback and growth
for your people

Done well, feedback helps people gain greater self-awareness and take steps to accelerate their growth. Unfortunately, most employees don’t participate in seeking and giving feedback on a regular basis.

What if you could create a feedback-rich culture where every interaction is an opportunity to learn?
A modern approach to employee development

Glint encourages employees and managers to take greater ownership over their development by guiding them toward effective feedback habits. Our lightweight 360, 180 and Anytime Feedback and Recognition programs make it easy for anyone to seek, reflect, and take action on feedback. In-line coaching guides people through the feedback process, while integrated learning content helps them take steps to improve.
  • "We now have the opportunity to combine insights from our employee voice program with the data collected from 360s. This helps us set our strategy for our leaders by diving further into areas of focus."
    Michelle Colbert
    Head of Leadership Development & Global Talent Management
  • Develop a robust leadership pipeline with Glint 360s and 180s
    360s are an essential tool for leadership development. When managers receive diverse and holistic feedback, they gain valuable input that drives greater self-awareness and growth. Glint reimagines the 360s process to include 180s for employees, so you can broaden access to feedback and learning resources, helping more managers and employees develop as leaders and building a stronger bench leadership.
  • Feature
    • Develop more leaders across your organization with lighter administration, automation of key tasks, and built-in best practices. Spend less time on setup and more time on broadening access to feedback.
    • Focus your people on the right opportunities with intuitive online reporting. In-platform report guidance and interactive rating breakdowns help participants easily interpret their feedback and understand opportunities.
    • Drive growth with world-class learning content and behavioral nudges to remove the typical barriers to action-taking that stand in the way of growth. Create development plans, share progress with managers, and access all relevant LinkedIn Learning content in one integrated platform.
  • Create a feedback culture where every interaction is an opportunity to learn
    Empower every employee to own the feedback process. Glint’s Anytime Feedback and Recognition allows anyone in your organization to seek timely feedback, recognize their teammates, and act on growth opportunities. By making feedback and recognition top-of-mind and easy to access, Glint helps foster a feedback-rich culture and boost motivation at work.
  • Feature

    • Empower employees to own the feedback process and ask for the feedback they need from the people who know them best. Glint helps employees easily request and receive input, turning feedback into an ongoing habit.

    • Ensure employees receive relevant and actionable feedback by leveraging Glint’s configurable templates, inline coaching and contextual guidance on how to provide feedback and how to best receive feedback.

    • Make feedback results easy to understand and transparent to foster trust and openness. Glint presents feedback in an intuitive format so employees can quickly understand and reflect on their opportunities for improvement.

  • Post-Survey Learning Experience
    When every level of your organization is equipped with resources to improve their experience at work, you can impact employee happiness on a larger scale.

    Unique to Glint, your employees can access LinkedIn Learning videos on listening, reflection, and communication best practices after they complete a survey. By coaching people on how to remain open, curious, and constructive when providing and reflecting on feedback, Glint guides employees to play a positive role in improving the collective experience at work.
Foster a culture of greater self-awareness, development and growth