“We see the clear link between manager performance, employee engagement and the company’s overall results. Bringing Glint aboard as a platform solution to help us understand our workforce better has been instrumental in gaining a holistic view of how we’re doing as a company, and how and where to improve.”

John Robertson, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Marvell


  • Following a dramatic business strategy transformation, Marvell sought to create a more people-centric culture
  • Glint helps Marvell’s leaders understand and improve employee engagement
  • Marvell employees are now more engaged and invested in the company’s turnaround

Key Business Benefits

  • Using Glint, have been able to identify the link between manager scores and team-level engagement
  • Glint will ultimately enable Marvell to correlate with key business metrics like product time-to-market, improving operational efficiency


Marvell Technology is a leading provider of semiconductor solutions for the storage, network infrastructure, and wireless connectivity markets.


At the end of 2015, Marvell was in tough straits. The company had just resolved an SEC investigation, as well as the removal of its co-founders and the refiling of financial statements. The company’s performance had fallen to barely break-even, and Wall Street analysts had taken to discussing the company’s demise. employees were wondering if they would soon be out of work.

The tide began to turn with a new Board of Directors and executive leadership team in place. Marvell’s new President and CEO, Matt Murphy, moved quickly to shed unprofitable lines of business and return the company to its core strengths of storage, network infrastructure and wireless connectivity.

Murphy also began a concerted push to re-engage the workforce, a critical step in the organization’s turnaround. He actively pushed to break with Marvell’s old culture and establish an open, transparent and interactive communication style with employees. This included frequent town halls and roundtables, to hear from employees and get the word out that they were critical to Marvell’s turnaround. Still, that wasn’t enough.

“We heard plenty of hallway conversation and ad hoc feedback from employees,” said John Robertson, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Marvell. “But we needed a holistic view of sentiment across the company. What did people really think about working at Marvell?”

Murphy and the leadership team knew that innovation was critical to their success in a fiercely competitive industry. For that reason, creating an environment where top talent could do their best work was a top priority. Leaders and managers needed specific insights into employee engagement and their own effectiveness as managers to return the organization to a level of high performance. The team at Marvell concluded they should implement a “human capital analytics platform” to accelerate this process, and selected Glint as a partner.


In early 2017, Marvell selected Glint as its platform to continuously listen to their employees in order to improve employee engagement and manager effectiveness.

“While we had an immediate need, we didn’t look at Glint as a onetime buying decision,” said Robertson. “We looked at this as a way to create a multi-faceted view of our workforce. Glint offers us the ability to analyze many snapshots of data, even if they’re outside Glint. We can use this analysis to track employee engagement, and even predict what will happen based on past results. It’s really a cutting-edge human capital platform. We’ll be able to understand and ultimately manage our workforce throughout the entire employee lifecycle.”

Marvell leverages Glint’s engagement and lifecycle programs, combining employee engagement pulses with Manager Effectiveness surveys to understand how employees feel through multiple data points, not just once every couple of years. All leaders and managers with a minimum of five employees have instantaneous access to their team’s data, even as the survey is being taken.

The platform is user-friendly for managers, enabling them to understand their team’s health with little to no training. Data provided by Glint highlights the most impactful areas on which to focus, and guides managers toward highly effective actions to improve team engagement.

“This is a competitive industry and employee engagement leads to customer satisfaction,” Robertson said. “Managers are on the front lines, and we need to understand and give them feedback on how they are managing their teams. Some of them don’t know what environment they’re creating, but Glint shows them. Once they know, we have the ability to do something about it.”


Based on the organization’s first company-wide pulse survey in the summer of 2017, the leadership team quickly identified four key areas on which to focus in order to most effectively improve employee engagement and retention. The company quickly implemented plans to address all four.

By conducting more pulse surveys, and by correlating critical business KPIs such as product time-to-market with engagement, Glint will also be used to clarify individual team performance and help improve the organization’s throughput by removing barriers to operational efficiency.

On the heels of the employee pulse, the company implemented a Manager Effectiveness survey. Used as a coaching aid, the survey provided managers with feedback on what their employees felt they were doing well, and where they saw room for improvement. The results also helped Marvell fine tune its manager training programs.

The data was correlated with engagement scores, indicating a link between manager scores and team-level engagement: Managers in the top 20% of manager scores had teams that were approximately 20% more engaged than the bottom 20%. The Manager Effectiveness surveys also revealed specific areas of opportunity for managers organization-wide. Based on these results, managers received training on conducting meetings, goal setting, and giving objective performance feedback, and specific individuals even received 1:1 coaching on how to build these capabilities.

“We see the clear link between manager performance, employee engagement and the company’s overall results,” said Mitch Gaynor, EVP and Chief Administration Officer. “Bringing Glint aboard as a platform solution to help us understand our workforce better has been instrumental in gaining a holistic view of how we’re doing as a company, and how and where to improve.”

Pam Edwardson, Marvell’s Operations & Global Learning Program Manager, said that “Glint opens up a lot of possibilities. We can use the insights as we develop training Talent Management programs and processes. As our data repository grows, we’ll be able to do advanced analytics and understand more how we can make Marvell a better place to work.”

Over the past 18 months, Marvell’s turnaround has been dramatic – sales and profits are up, and so is morale. “It’s a virtuous cycle,” Gaynor said, crediting insights from Glint for accelerating progress. “And we’re only getting started.”