Glint + Microsoft Viva

Reimagine the employee experience with Glint and Microsoft Viva


Since distributed work became the norm, employees have struggled to stay connected to their teams, manage burnout, and prioritize their own well-being. And it’s no wonder. For most organizations, the processes designed to keep employees connected, aligned, and engaged were not designed for the new reality we face.
It's critical that we help employees succeed in this new world of work. We can do this by understanding how they're adapting to these changes and taking action before employees become disengaged, triggering much larger business problems.

What if you could see how employee perceptions impact collaboration patterns—or how team collaboration patterns reflect employee perceptions—and use those insights to help leaders and managers better support their teams?
  • “There's nothing more critical in times of change than our employees' wellbeing — Glint and Viva Insights provides us the quickest, clearest opportunity to make sure we're supporting our people to the best of our ability.”
  • Feature
    Combine employee feedback and collaboration data.
    With Glint + Microsoft Viva, HR and business leaders can combine de-identified and aggregated employee feedback from Glint—”how people feel”—with de-identified and aggregated collaboration data from Microsoft Viva Insights—“how people work”—to deeply understand key aspects of the employee experience and, most importantly, identify concrete and objective ways to improve it.
  • Feature
    Understand the 'why' behind the 'what.'
    Analyze engagement data, including comment data, based on Viva Insights metrics such as weekly collaboration hours, workweek span, and weekly 1:1 time with managers. With Narrative Intelligence, leaders can get an even deeper understanding of how work patterns are influencing engagement.
  • Feature
    Identify burnout. Prioritize wellbeing.
    Identify hot spots hidden in the data with Glint Smart Alerts. Attrition alerts analyze millions of data points, including aggregated, de-identified metrics from Viva Insights, to help leaders identify burnout and put plans in place to increase wellbeing.
  • Feature
    Protect privacy every step of the way.
    Maintaining employee trust and protecting user privacy is a top priority at Glint. Leaders and managers using Viva Insights in Glint—currently in pilot—can see only aggregated, de-identified results based on the confidentiality thresholds built into Glint.
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