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People who love what they do — do it better.

Jim, CEO at Glint, loves his job

Imagine: A world where people love their jobs.

Every day in the life of an organization brings new challenges. Individuals and teams make daily decisions to address these challenges and to seize opportunities - decisions that impact customers and business results. As a CEO, the best way I know to ensure we’re making good decisions is by building a people-driven workplace - one where my team feels heard, empowered, and filled with purpose. We try to create a culture where a shared mission and shared priorities allow our people to move quickly, confident they’re aligned with the organization as a whole. Together with my team, I’m focused on creating an environment where people love their jobs. And I believe that this love is what powers our success.

We want our talent to be passionate about solving for, and delighting our customers — really having that impact on our customers in a profound way. If we are really powering people success — we are enabling our employees to do that — and do the best work of their lives.

Michelle Deneau, Director of HR Business Intelligence, Intuit
Kehinde, Account Executive, loves her job.

A love that leads to measurable results.

We live in a culture where, too often, the norm for an employee is not to enjoy their job. People-driven organizations, however, have greater aspirations. They lean in — way in — to the power of an engaged workforce. These companies relentlessly harness the employee voice, identify connections between engagement and business success, and take action to improve the employee experience. The result? Higher engagement, longer tenures, and better results.

Meet the leaders in people success

People-driven leaders around the world are helping their organizations achieve this vision. These companies go above and beyond the norm to actively create workplaces where it’s acceptable, even expected, for employees to love their jobs. Here, we share the stories of just a few.

The data that’s provided from Glint and our people survey is absolutely invaluable.

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Ryan Gill, Quality Control, Suffolk.

Experience the platform that makes it happen

Glint has partnered with these organizations and others around the world to help them create environments where their people can be happier and more successful. Watch our demo video to discover how Glint can help you build a workplace where people love their jobs.