At Glint, we bring together talented and passionate innovators and changemakers to help build a world where people love their jobs.

Glint named Top 50 Best Places to Work

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Glint listed among Top 50 Startups

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  • “The times when my suggestions were heard and acted upon are memorable for me. Even in Silicon Valley, it is not as common as you’d think — and that's what we are transforming at Glint.”
    Alex Manager, Data Science, Redwood City
  • “There is an intense focus on curating happiness and cohesiveness, not only for our customers, but at the core of all decisions made for our team. The pursuit of joy is real!”
    Sabrina Customer Success Manager, Chicago
  • “At Glint, everyone is crazy brilliant and laser-focused, but they’re also deeply caring. We take the time to celebrate and support each other on a personal level.”
    Chad Senior Manager, Sales Enablement, Redwood City
  • “I love the positive energy of my coworkers - they keep me going. And the high growth of the company keeps me challenged in my day-to-day job and gives me an opportunity to learn continuously.”
    Mekhala Accounting Manager, Redwood City
  • “At Glint we practice what we preach. Management is focused on employee engagement - they make time to listen to their employees and help them grow.”
    Ronald Account Executive, Amsterdam
  • “I love that everyone is a little bit weird, and that’s okay. That means it’s okay for me to be weird! That’s what authenticity means in our values. We don’t always have to agree - we accept each other, and that makes working together fun.”
    Anita Senior DevOps Engineer, Redwood City