Glint, the people success platform that helps leading organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results, announced today that its Narrative Intelligence technology has been named one of Human Resource Executive’s® “Top Products of the Year 2017.” The year’s winners were selected based on their level of innovation, value added to the HR function, intuitiveness for the user, and ability to deliver on what they promise. Launched in April 2017, Narrative Intelligence has already proven to change the way organizations harness employee feedback.

Narrative Intelligence is ground-breaking technology that analyzes volumes of open-ended employee feedback and provides immediate insight into employee sentiment, trends, and most importantly, topics that are linked to action plans. With industry-leading precision, the technology parses out the story hidden within what can amount to hundreds of thousands of employee comments. While this data is typically provided in employee engagement pulses, Narrative Intelligence is capable of working with employee feedback from any platform or channel.

“We are thrilled and honored that Narrative Intelligence has been recognized for the impact it is having on our customers’ ability to understand the employee voice and to improve the employee experience,” said Goutham Kurra, Chief Product Officer at Glint. “Narrative Intelligence allows organizations to finally connect their people’s qualitative feedback with business outcomes, making it dramatically easier for HR, leaders, and managers to take the right actions to improve engagement and performance.”

When interpreting open-ended feedback, revealing the context around individual comments is key to concrete and actionable insight. In addition to deriving topics and sentiment, Narrative Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to extract highly valuable contextual information, such as related topics and sub-topics, from each comment in real time. These insights are then aggregated and presented in an interactive format to enable a deep understanding of recurring themes, surrounding context, and how sentiment and importance around these evolve over time.  By making these findings available in real-time, Narratives Intelligence serves to put HR teams, leaders, and managers immediately on the path to taking effective action.

“At Intuit, empowering employees through the right environment and experiences so that they can innovate and delight customers is core to our success,” said Michelle Deneau, Director of HR Business Intelligence at Intuit. “Narrative Intelligence has been a game changer for us in staying connected to the employee experience. Rather than spending hours reading thousands of comments, it instantly provides our leadership team with an accurate picture of what to focus on when it comes to our employee feedback, and guides us on the path to improvement. It’s one of those technologies that once you start using it, you wonder what you did for so long without it.”

To see a live demonstration of Narrative Intelligence, please visit Glint at the 2017 HR Technology Conference at Booth 2945. For more information on Narrative Intelligence, please read the blog post authored by Shane Combest, Glint’s head of product management.


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