Team Effectiveness

Build Agile, High-Performing Teams

Team Effectiveness

Modern organizations are increasingly made up of a network of teams. In this new reality, focusing solely on the manager-employee relationship fails to take a critical piece of the puzzle into account: how people come together and perform as teams.
Glint empowers teams of all types to do their best work together by measuring and improving team dynamics and performance. By shifting the focus from who is on the team, to how they work together, Glint helps team members increase shared trust and purpose, leverage each other’s strengths, and deliver better results.

Glint Team Effectiveness is designed to help teams identify their strengths and address their weaknesses so they can perform at their best.

Team Effectiveness Features

  • Feature
    Glint Team Effectiveness Pulse
    Keep the lines of
    communication open.
    Team Effectiveness leverages Glint’s On-Demand and Always-On Feedback channels, enabling teams to share feedback whenever they want. Our customizable survey content covers the key facets of team dynamics and performance — including decision-making, trust, and conflict resolution — as well as comparisons to external benchmarks.
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    Agile and smart. Just like your teams.
    Glint Team Effectiveness is designed to encourage ongoing feedback and sustainable improvement. Our program employs a lightweight approach that's easy to administer, while delivering key insights into each team's strengths and weaknesses. Real-time visibility and an intuitive design ensure that results can be quickly interpreted by managers and team members alike.
  • Feature
    LinkedIn Learning for Glint
    Create a winning gameplan.
    Help teams develop a strategy for success using Glint’s best practice resources and curated content from LinkedIn Learning. In-platform guidance helps managers share results with their teams, choose focus areas, and actively communicate progress, ensuring employees feel heard and motivated.
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