Jeremy Robinson

Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness at AdventHealth

People Success Insight:

Creating an engaged culture in which everyone is inspired to live out their calling and leave a long-lasting legacy

For the past ten years, Jeremy Robinson has been in a role that not only fulfills him personally, but also allows him the privilege of helping others find their own sense of meaning. Twenty years into his career, he’s doing work he couldn’t have imagined doing when he started out in HR.

It’s not a role that he landed in by accident.

Early on in Jeremy’s career, a mentor shared some advice that would stick with him for years to come. The mentor said that while there are many areas to learn and grow in the HR profession, Jeremy would ultimately need to find his own niche if he wanted to add the most value to the organization. He instructed Jeremy to find the niche that he was passionate about, and only then would he be able to thrive himself.

The turning point for Jeremy was when he discovered employee engagement. “It just woke me up,” he says. “This was the niche that would allow me to connect people’s emotional relationship with their work to their performance, their individual talent, and their own sense of personal purpose in life. Employee engagement was like a light bulb turning on to say, ‘This is what I need to be doing and where I can add the most value to others in life and in work.’ ”

With that revelation, Jeremy decided to focus on helping people find that elusive sense of purpose that he had sought. This opportunity, he says, represents his calling.

“When I think of fulfilling my own purpose in work, I imagine 65,000-plus people asking themselves, ‘Am I able to bring my best self to work? Do I have strong relationships with those around me? Do we have each other’s best interests at heart? Are we focused on AdventHealth’s mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ to others today? How do I do my work in a way that’s unique to how I was created and how I was called to make a difference in the world?’ My job is to create a culture that supports the answers to those questions.”

“My search for a niche was more than just, ‘How can I make an impact today?’,” he says. “It was more of, ‘How am I going to leave a legacy for the organization?’ In focusing on that question, I realized that others want to be able to invest their passion, energy, and desire to make a meaningful difference in their roles, just like I do.”

Currently, Jeremy’s role is to help build a culture with clear people strategy and process in which self-discovery is encouraged.

“I want everyone here to be able to wake up every day knowing that they can express their passion and live out their calling through their work,” he says.

To that end, Jeremy has worked hard to create a workplace defined by mutual trust and dedication. It’s an effort he believes hinges on high-quality relationships that are based on authenticity and humanity at every interaction.

“Someone once said that we judge ourselves by our intentions, but others judge us by our behavior,” Jeremy says. “The higher the level of influence we may have, the more intentional we must be about what we say and what our behavior is. There are ways that we as leaders can show up to build trust in a meaningful and authentic way. We do that through how we listen and how we take time to understand who each person is as a human being. Whether you are a CEO interacting with your director, a manager working with a team member, or even a front-line employee working with a customer, how you connect personally will go a long way toward building that stronger relationship.”

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