Performance Management

An agile, forward-looking approach to helping your people develop and grow

Done well, performance management is an invaluable process that motivates your people to do their best work. Unfortunately, most people view performance management as an anxiety-inducing experience that's disconnected from the way we work.

At Glint, we saw the opportunity to create a more holistic approach to performance that encompasses engagement as well.
  • “An interesting topic that’s long overdue [is] the integration of performance management and employee engagement… it’s a pretty new idea and Glint is pioneering a solution that integrates these two pieces together.”
    Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Author
  • A new holistic approach
    At Glint, we believe performance management and employee engagement are inextricably linked. Recent research underscores the importance of addressing both in tandem.


    of business leaders believe that not only do engaged employees perform better, but also that employee engagement is critical to their business's success.


    strongly agree that it is difficult to improve performance without also improving engagement


    more likely to improve employee retention, productivity, and CSAT when both performance management and employee engagement are executed well1
  • Feature
    Introducing Glint Perform
    Glint Perform is an agile, forward-looking performance management solution that helps your people develop and grow. Perform enables more frequent, higher-quality conversations between managers and teams supported by proven coaching techniques.

    Through its integration with Glint’s market-leading engagement solution, Perform allows you to tap into what truly motivates your people, leading to sustainable performance improvements and engaged employees.
  • Feature
    Performance management made agile
    Together, Glint Perform’s five core capabilities—Conversations, Feedback, Goals, Agile 360s and Insights—form a powerful performance management and analytics solution that:

    • Delivers ease of use
    • Improves conversation quality
    • Integrates with engagement
    • Integrates into email and calendar

Peak Performance Fueled by Engagement