Glint, the people success platform that helps leading organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results, announced today two new capabilities designed to gather rich, in-the-moment feedback from employees. Always-On and On-Demand Surveys allow organizations to solicit employee feedback at any time, creating push and pull mechanisms to capture the voice of the employee. The new capabilities harness Glint’s AI-for-HR™ technology to instantly turn structured and open-ended feedback into actionable insights throughout the year.

Always-On Surveys give employees an open feedback channel to express themselves at any time, making it easy for HR, leaders, and managers to gain insight on employee sentiment and hidden issues between engagement pulses.

On-Demand Surveys empower organizations to request feedback from any group of employees at any time with the ability to create regular, triggered, and ad hoc surveys. Glint provides built-in guidance via Survey Coach™, which delivers intelligent recommendations based on Glint’s Organizational Development methodology and best practices to ensure high response rates and quality insights. On-Demand Surveys can help organizations assess progress on employee engagement initiatives or assess the impact of organizational change at any time. When building surveys, users can draw from Glint’s extensive, research-validated question library or create their own.  

Both Always-On and On-Demand Surveys provide linkage to other measurements on the Glint platform, such as engagement, onboarding, exit, and manager effectiveness, in order to provide  a holistic picture of the employee experience. Surveys are available in 45 language translations to ensure the employee voice is heard around the globe.

“Continuous improvement is only possible when organizations are able to capture and learn from timely, relevant feedback from their people,” said Goutham Kurra, Chief Product Officer at Glint. “Our Always-On and On-Demand Surveys allow employees to push feedback to the organization as the opportunity arises, and allow organizations to pull feedback from employees to gain a deeper understanding of any specific situation or event. When results are analyzed by our AI-for-HR technology, organizations can uncover trending topics and issues they wouldn’t have thought to ask about, so they can address concerns as they arise.”

“Implementing a continuous listening platform is a signal to the organization that the employee voice is valuable and will be heard,” said Jim Barnett, CEO at Glint. “Our customers are already using Glint’s ‘anytime feedback’ capabilities to uncover obstacles and potential solutions around manager effectiveness, cross-team collaboration, events, and special topics, giving them deeper, ongoing insight into the things that matter most to their people. These capabilities allow organizations to keep the lines of communication open continuously, so they don’t miss anything, and can take quick, confident action in real time.”

Like all of Glint’s offerings, Always-On and On-Demand Surveys utilize Glint’s real-time dashboards and analytics, including Narrative Intelligence™, Glint’s award-winning natural language processing engine. Narrative Intelligence turns open-ended feedback into concrete themes and topics, identifying issues from aggregate data and leading users down the path toward action. To learn more about Glint’s “anytime feedback” capabilities, visit

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