Glint, the real-time employee engagement platform, has been named by HR strategy and consulting firm LAROCQUE as one of the 2015 #hrwins “Top HR Companies To Watch” in two categories: analytics and pulse surveys.

The #hrwins is a celebration of innovation, highlighting the technologies that empower human resources and business executives in managing and engaging their workforce in a time of great change. LAROCQUE’s recognition of Glint as a leader for its innovative, advanced analytics capabilities for organizations and user-friendly pulse surveys further highlights Glint’s new approach to managing employee engagement for today’s workforce. The #hrwins Top HR Companies To Watch are awarded annually in various HR technology segments.

Glint’s employee engagement platform provides a comprehensive, actionable view of an organization’s health. Employees take more frequent pulse surveys based on key drivers of engagement, providing the organization with timely and comprehensive feedback. Glint’s real-time analysis of employee data instantly creates actionable insights and reports that enable the HR team, leaders, and managers to have an immediate impact on employee engagement, build stronger teams, and improve performance.

“The end of ‘one size fits all’ employee engagement programs may be in sight. Large employers can struggle trying to understand what differs in motivation for employees in various regions, departments, or functional areas. The result can be a negative impact on engagement, productivity, revenue, and more,” said George LaRocque, president and founder of LAROCQUE, LLC. “To address this, technology innovators like Glint have developed powerful analytics platforms that are informed by easy to use pulse surveys and organizational science. The result is a unique view into an organization, and the issues driving engagement across employee attributes, empowering leaders and managers to take specific and timely actions to improve engagement and retention.”

“We are honored to be named to LAROCQUE’s 2015 #hrwins list of innovative companies,” said Glint CEO and co-founder Jim Barnett. “LAROCQUE understands that employee engagement is going through a revolution, trending toward a model of real-time feedback and data-driven decision-making. This recognition validates our success in enabling organizations to positively impact employee engagement in new, innovative ways.”

Details about the #hrwins 2015 HR Companies to Watch List and the list of winners in all categories can be viewed here.

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