Glint, the people success platform that helps leading organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results, today introduced Cross-Program Intelligence, a first-of-its-kind feature that connects and analyzes feedback across the platform, including data from disparate surveys such as engagement, lifecycle, manager & team effectiveness surveys, and more.

Traditionally, feedback from employee surveys exist in silos. Surveys don’t talk to one another and data remains captive. While people analytics teams develop hypotheses on why a certain population of employees is leaving or which manager behaviors increase a team’s effectiveness, the answers to these questions are often hidden beneath layers of manual analysis, requiring significant time and valuable resources. As a result, organizations miss valuable opportunities to see and act on the complete story.

Cross-Program Intelligence gives leaders a comprehensive view of the employee journey with a self-service capability that allows them to connect, filter, and report across all types of employee feedback. By reporting across feedback channels within a single platform, leaders are able to surface patterns and take a holistic approach towards improving the employee experience, creating thriving cultures, and developing more effective teams and organizations.

“The ability to break the survey silo and look at an organization’s data holistically can lead to powerful insights about the employee experience; about culture, engagement, development, and performance for individuals, teams, and managers. Connections between different aspects of the employee journey, between survey measurements and business outcomes, and between HR programs and end results, emerge effortlessly from the data,” said Goutham Kurra, Chief Product Officer of Glint. “With Cross-Program Intelligence, HR leaders gain an entirely new level of strategic and transformational insight.”   

By utilizing Cross-Program Intelligence, HR leaders can dig deeper into specific employee cohorts and answer questions such as, “For those who are leaving the company, at what point did they become disengaged and why?” These answers ultimately allow leaders and managers to focus their efforts where they count the most.

“Cross-Program Intelligence allows us to derive insights by narrowing in on a specific population or part of an organization, do more predictive analysis, and tell managers where to focus to gain the biggest benefit,” said Susan Wingfield, head of HR Business Intelligence at Intuit. “In addition, with the real-time data and self-serve capability, we can refresh our analysis quickly to help our leaders drive change more frequently, and proactively address potential problem areas.”

Cross-Program Intelligence is now available to all customers on the Glint platform.


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