Glint, the real-time employee engagement platform, today announced the addition of two modules to collect and report on feedback across the employee experience: Employee Lifecycle and Manager 180. By integrating with human resource information systems (HRIS), Glint automates short targeted pulse surveys to employee populations based on key events, such as onboarding, promotions, and exits, as well as to individual teams to gather manager-specific feedback throughout the year. Combined with ongoing Glint engagement pulses, these modules provide HR teams, leaders and managers with a complete picture of engagement at an organization and the insights to make improvements.

By combining feedback across the employee lifecycle, Glint helps organizations identify critical intervention points that can be improved to help increase employee engagement and retention. Further, in addition to providing insights into employee sentiment, the Manager 180 program harnesses Glint AI-for-HR™ technology to provide managers with targeted action plans to improve their effectiveness, including learning resources and tracking tools that help them create more engaged teams.

“We now have empirical evidence that real-time feedback across the entire employee lifecycle – from pre-hire to exit – can be critical for organizational success. For instance, our data shows that poor onboarding experiences often have significant long-term effects on employee engagement and retention,” said Goutham Kurra, Glint VP of Product and Co-founder. “Glint’s people-centric architecture will allow organizations to not only implement a continuous feedback eco-system, but to then easily link the different stages in the employee’s journey, in order to predict issues and opportunities, identify key intervention points, and provide managers with the prescriptive insights and best practices to affect real change.”

With Employee Lifecycle and Manager 180 programs, Glint provides organizations the opportunity to consolidate traditionally siloed employee feedback systems into one intuitive, real-time experience for both managers and HR teams. Each program offers built-in, best practice content that is fully customizable to each client. Employee Lifecycle program content includes topics such as recruitment, training & enablement, and role clarity for onboarding surveys, and reasons for leaving and disengagement triggers for exit surveys. Manager 180 content includes such topics as motivation, feedback, collaboration and communication.

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