A.I. for HR: How Data and Machine Learning are Changing HR

The future of HR is a hotly speculated topic. Will wearables help us track mood, productivity, and organizational health? Does virtual reality fundamentally alter the nature of the workplace? Are robots our inevitable teammates? Amidst it all, one prediction is quickly becoming more commonplace than all the others. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have already begun to change the way we understand how our organizations work, automate, and make the most effective decisions in our roles as people experts. And in just a few years, these technologies will be the foundation for our success, whether we’re ready for it or not.

In this webinar, Justin will answer: :

  • What is machine learning and artificial intelligence?
  • How does it impact our lives today, inside and outside of work?
  • How will machine learning and artificial intelligence change our workplaces in the years to come?
  • How will it change the world for people pros and what can we do to prepare for a world of AI for HR?

This webcast was recorded during an HCI Live Webinar on April 28, 2016.