Give New Meaning to the Employee Voice: How to Turn Qualitative Feedback into Insights and Action

When it comes to employee feedback, from employee engagement surveys, onboarding or exit surveys, or from external feedback, the scores are only the beginning. With open-ended responses, employees are telling what it feels like to work in the company – they are telling the organization’s story. These comments–which can number in the hundreds of thousands or more over time–are a treasure trove of information. When unlocked, they can contain the key to identifying systemic or isolated issues that may eventually lead to unwanted attrition, stunted organizational performance, and even blows to the organization’s reputation.

In this recorded session, Sara P. Weiner, PhD, will discuss advice and best practices for pulling the critical stories and insights out of comments, and how to harness these stories to take the actions that make a difference in the employee experience and business performance. Shane Combest, a product management leader with a decade of experience in B2B technology, will highlight the innovations that help organizations leverage open-ended feedback to truly understand their company’s story… and rewrite the ending.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • Examples of the stories comments can tell beyond engagement or performance scores
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in interpreting comments (and training your leaders to do the same)
  • How to interpret comments to contribute to action planning that makes a difference


This is a recording of the the live webcast hosted by HCI on January 25, 2018.