Optimizing Engagement in Times of Change: How LinkedIn Maintained its Culture Through an Acquisition

Despite our best intentions, organizational change often leads to disruption. Change can cause confusion, discomfort, and frustration for employees, and can lead to consequences such as drops in engagement, lapses in performance, and regrettable attrition. In a world where change is inevitable, how can organizations overcome disruption and thrive in the face of change?

In this webinar, Organizational Development expert Craig Ramsay will share a framework that will help your organization more effectively navigate change, whether the change is a merger or acquisition, an internal restructuring, or a leadership change.

Ben Hatch, Employee Engagement Program Manager at LinkedIn, will join Craig to share his journey of helping LinkedIn preserve its culture and values during a period of significant change and uncertainty: the organization’s acquisition by Microsoft. By listening to employees, communicating effectively, and doubling down on LinkedIn’s unique culture and programs, LinkedIn was able to thrive, coming out quickly on the other side more focused and inclusive than before.

In this recorded session, you will learn:

  • The critical steps to maintaining a positive and productive culture during all types of change.
  • How to gather and actually use feedback from employees to ensure they are engaged — making the change a success.  
  • Key considerations for ensuring a successful transition at the organization-wide and team-wide levels during times of disruptive change.


This is a recording of a live webcast that was hosted by HR.com on March 14, 2018