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Whitepaper: The Chemistry of Employee Engagement

At some organizations, engagement seems to happen naturally. Employees feel it. They’re committed, energetic, attached. At other organizations, engagement is uneven and difficult to sustain. Employees feel this, too.

A composition of elements motivates every employee in every department in an organization throughout the year. When you know the unique composition of elements for your specific company, you can use this data to reformulate the future. In real time.

Download this white paper to learn how companies like FICO, Marketo, and Sojern are using real-time employee engagement to:

  • Find and fix any disengagement loops before they become major problems
  • Retain more top employees by measuring the right things at the right frequency
  • Build stronger teams and deliver better results by delivering insights to the right people—and by equipping leaders to act quickly
  • Understand which factors really drive employee satisfaction and retention

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