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Glint is the People Success Platform


Glint is the People Success Platform.

People fuel the success of your organization. And it’s never been so easy — and so costly — to lose touch with what they need.

It’s not enough to modify the employee engagement survey to try to meet their changing needs. Glint uses a different approach — one that combines modern organizational science, revolutionary technology, and intuitive design to help you empower your people, not just respond to them.

Leading organizations measure and improve employee engagement with Glint


Architected for people, not surveys.

The success of your people is a complex combination of empowerment, purpose, growth, and more. It’s a formula that continually evolves throughout the employee experience.

Unlike survey providers, Glint is built on a people-centric architecture that captures data throughout the employee lifecycle, giving you a more complete picture of your people. And it’s designed to support complex, global organizations, regardless of how they’re organized — or how often they’re reorganized.

Insight on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Many engagement solutions are a lot like history class — detailed information about a time long ago. Others offer speed, but not deep insight.

Glint delivers speed and insight. Proactive intelligence immediately surfaces opportunities, predicts risks, and most importantly, prescribes action. Our customers often refer to Glint as their “crystal ball,” helping them address problems before they become major issues that impact results.

A smarter approach

More frequent conversations about growth and development.

Your people don’t assess their job satisfaction, or their career options, once a year. When they think your organization has stopped listening, your people are at risk — and so is your business.

Glint is designed for continuous improvement, facilitating an ongoing cycle of feedback, learning, and change between managers and employees. It’s a process that helps employees feel heard and everyone feel empowered to do their best work.

Engagement isn’t the end, it’s the beginning

To know whether your people initiatives are working, you need the ability to quantify their effect on business outcomes. With too many solutions, understanding what drives business results is a slow, disconnected process.

Glint delivers integrated business linkage that helps you see and take action on the relationship between your people’s experiences and business outcomes like retention, customer satisfaction, and much more. These complex relationships are displayed visually, in your dashboard, on demand.

“We’ve reduced our regrettable turnover by 26% since we started using Glint. A big part of this improvement is our ability to form more targeted people strategies.”

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Welcome to Glint.

The brilliant platform to increase employee engagement, develop your people, and improve business results.

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