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Understand engagement in real time, with Glint.

Glint helps you see into your organization in revolutionary ways, giving you the power to increase employee engagement, build stronger teams and improve business performance.

Our innovative platform combines elegant pulse surveys, sophisticated analytics and integrated action planning to empower HR, leaders and managers to affect real change in your organization.


Real-time insights, powered by people.

Keeping a pulse on the health of your organization is vital. Yet most organizations still rely on annual engagement surveys that take weeks or months to produce data.

Glint captures feedback more frequently, assesses results in real time, and enables you to take action immediately. With a clear view into your organization, you can prevent engagement problems from becoming retention or performance problems.

A smarter approach.

Today’s organizations recognize that engaged employees fuel business performance. But HR teams often lack the time, resources and technology to uncover insights that help them act on employee engagement data quickly and effectively.

Glint’s AI-for-HR™ technology eliminates the need for tedious manual analysis and automatically finds easy-to-miss patterns and connections hidden deep inside the data. This gives HR teams, leaders and managers the ability to quickly make sense of engagement data, connect insights with outcomes and begin to take meaningful action.

A smarter approach

Built for the modern enterprise.

Your people are unique, and so is your organization. Whether you have offices, warehouses or branches around the world, a complex organizational chart, or a uniquely specialized workforce, Glint’s highly-scalable and secure platform is architected to meet the needs of any global enterprise—no matter how it’s organized, or how often it’s reorganized.

A catalyst for
real change.

Managers are a critical factor in any employee engagement strategy. But the truth is, many of them lack the time, understanding and accountability required to improve engagement on their teams. Glint was designed with managers in mind, providing them with dashboards, analytics and action plans to help them understand engagement issues, act quickly and see the impact of their actions.

“We’ve reduced our regrettable turnover by 26% since we started using Glint. A big part of this improvement is our ability to form more targeted people strategies.”

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