In the special issue of HR Performance Magazine on feedback management and employee surveys, Infineon Technologies AG speaks about the importance of employee engagement.

About Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Technologies AG is a leading global provider of semiconductor solutions with the aim of making life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. Founded in 1999 as a result of the outsourcing of the semiconductor business at Siemens, Infineon offers semiconductor and system solutions with a focus on the topics of energy efficiency, mobility and security.


How do we deal with the growth of our workforce and our organization and all related changes? How can we support managers and employees in these increasingly complex and dynamic environments?


The strategic influences and our position as preferred employer, which we want to keep, have prompted us to review and expand our approach, process and tools for analyzing, evaluating and deriving activities related to employee engagement.


  • Our goal is to define a holistic feedback strategy for Infineon and to embed it in our existing process and tool landscape.
  • Feedback cycles help managers to derive effective measures to promote an open feedback culture and a high level of employee engagement in their respective organizations.
  • By understanding drivers for employee engagement, our managers will be able to manage their organizational development.

“The Glint employee engagement solution will be a key instrument for listening to our employees continuously and engaging in dialogue.” – Dorothee Schmitt, Project Manager People Engagement, Infineon Technologies AG

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German HRP interview