For HR leaders, understanding the full employee journey is critical to developing your people and fueling your company’s success. Case in point: recent Glint research showed that new hires who had a poor onboarding experience were 8x more likely to be disengaged and 11x less likely to recommend their employer as a good place to work after their first three months.

Unfortunately, with traditional ‘survey platforms’, the survey is at the center of the data model, and each survey program is its own, isolated universe. Data remains captive in silos and different surveys rarely talk to one another. Analyzing data across survey programs requires highly-manual, offline analysis, and as a result, companies fail to truly understand how experiences scattered across the employee journey impact one another.

But what if you could connect these disparate feedback channels to form a holistic picture of the  employee experience, all in a few clicks? What if you could uncover why highly engaged employees one quarter become disengaged the next quarter? Or identify how your onboarding affects performance and retention over time?

Today, we’re excited to announce Cross-Program Intelligence™, a new way to drive organizational effectiveness and optimize every step of the employee journey. This capability allows you to filter and report across all your surveys, empowering you to surface patterns that lead to more effective managers, teams, and organizations.

Cross-Program Intelligence allows you to:

Break the survey silo

With Glint’s people-centric architecture, the individual, not the survey, is at the center of the data model. This means all kinds of data — engagement responses, lifecycle feedback, team & manager comments, performance data, demographic information — are automatically connected for you on the backend.

See the forest for the trees

The employee journey is filled with pivotal moments that can have long-lasting effects. Our platform allows you uncover the impact of these experiences over time by analyzing specific cohorts of people based on shared traits, sentiment, behaviors, and more.

Do it all in a few clicks

Connecting the dots across multiple data sources used to be time-intensive, resource-intensive, and highly manual. People analysts would need to access raw data across all programs, clean the data for analysis, and load it into a custom analysis before finally being able to filter and test hypotheses. To drastically simplify this process, Cross-Program Intelligence is integrated directly into the Glint platform as an easy-to-use filter. Analysis that used to take days can now be done in seconds.

By utilizing Cross-Program Intelligence, HR leaders can dig deeper into specific employee cohorts and answer questions such as, “For those who are leaving the company, at what point did they become disengaged and why?” These answers ultimately allow leaders and managers to focus their efforts where they count the most.

Cross-Program Intelligence allows us to derive insights by narrowing in on a specific population or part of an organization, do more predictive analysis, and tell managers where to focus to gain the biggest benefit. In addition, with the real-time data and self-serve capability, we can refresh our analysis quickly to help our leaders drive change more frequently, and proactively address potential problem areas.” – Susan Wingfield, head of HR Business Intelligence at Intuit.

With insights from Cross-Program Intelligence, you can:

  • Discover how milestones like onboarding, reorgs, and promotions impact engagement over time
  • Identify leading indicators of attrition by examining previous engagement scores and comments
  • Understand which manager traits lead to highly effective teams and superior retention
  • Better understand how diverse employees experience parts of the employee journey
  • Uncover why highly engaged employees become disengaged over time

Additionally, Cross-Program Intelligence builds upon Glint’s industry leading analytics, so you can not only view employee sentiment and results, but also visualize open-ended feedback with Narrative Intelligence™. This allows you to deeply understand employee experiences and ultimately, figure out how to best take action.

In future updates, we’ll continue to deliver on our Cross-Program Intelligence vision by allowing you to connect the dots across all your feedback channels with innovative cross-survey dashboards and insights.

Cross-Program Intelligence is available in the Glint Platform to all customers at no additional cost as of August 11th, 2018.

This post was co-authored by Raymond Hwang.

About Shane

Shane is the Senior Director of Product Management for Glint, where he leads product engineering and the roadmap. With more than 5 years of experience shipping mobile, web, and desktop apps and services, he is passionate about creating products that delight customers and building teams that ship great products. Prior to Glint, Shane helped lead mobile and design at Intapp. He holds a BS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

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Ray Hwang is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Glint, where he leads product launches, messaging and positioning, and go-to-market strategy. With experience building brands in both consumer goods and technology, Ray excels in building collaborative teams to launch and scale purpose-driven products. Prior to Glint, Ray led product marketing for LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions business. He holds a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.