Do you believe organizations succeed when people succeed? What hurdles are standing in the way of creating a culture built on a people-centric foundation? Do you have enough feedback to know what people really need to achieve strong employee engagement and perform their best work?

“It’s time to take the employee experience to an entirely new level,” writes Amy Lavoie, a People Science leader at Glint. “Not only have the mainstays of people programs—engagement, performance, and learning—taken on different meanings in this new world of work, but also we’re seeing that, largely, employees want something different.”

Survey questions and success habits

The People Success Toolkit: Reimagining People Strategy is a resource to help you build a people-centric culture anchored in employee feedback and positive People Success habits

Download the toolkit to learn about:

  • Survey questions for employees—what to ask and how to prioritize the feedback that’s most important for understanding your employees’ experience. 
  • The four most important success habits—a guide for reinforcing a strong, people-centric culture while navigating organizational change.
  • Conversation guide—tips for high-quality communications to build trust and support your strategic direction.

Turning disruption into a distinct advantage

This is a time when many organizations have been forced to operate in entirely new ways. Senior leaders and HR professionals are right to examine and reimagine how best to support employees.

Of course, disruption is difficult. But leaders who lean into people-centricity, agility, and transparency can seize an opportunity to create new confidence and connection, and emerge from challenge with a more resilient and adaptable organization.

Learn more about building a high-performance culture when you download the People Success Toolkit: Reimagining People Strategy.