If you’re a leader looking to improve employee engagement and performance at your organization, it pays to spend time working with the people who can deliver more impact than any other—managers.

In fact, research shows higher manager capability increases the likelihood of both employee engagement and performance. And that, in turn, supports bottom-line results. Organizations that see highly engaged, strong performers are almost twice as likely to report growth in revenue and profitability compared to those with low performance and engagement.

Unfortunately, many managers are not equipped to deliver on their full potential. According to the State of Employee Engagement in 2019, only 26% of managers say they’re highly skilled at fostering individual and team engagement.  

Three ways managers support employee engagement and performance

To better support managers, organizations can help them master these activities, known as the three Cs:

  • Coaching for higher performance. Great managers regularly provide positive support, feedback, and advice to help employees reflect on their performance, improve effectiveness, and accomplish goals.
  • Candor for effective communication. Candor includes sharing ample big-picture information about what’s going on and why. It also helps with one-on-one coaching since open and honest dialogue promotes trust and growth.
  • Clearing barriers for greater success. Effective managers recognize when they need to step in and assist. They also help employees think creatively to blast through roadblocks on their own.

Interested in learning more about how managers can lead the way to highly engaged and high-performing employees? Check out this new infographic (and click on it if you’d like to download it):