“Measuring employee engagement is very important to us, so the fact that our employees have been overwhelmingly responsive to the Glint platform has been huge. It’s the analytics layer that truly differentiates Glint from any other solution.”

Tiffani Ingham, Senior Director, People Operations, Sojern


  • Sojern was able to get quick and actionable insights to boost employee engagement
  • Glint’s sleek user interface was an immediate hit with employees and company leadership
  • Advanced analytics provided the ability to drill down into specific areas and view results in a variety of ways


Sojern, the world’s leading performance marketing platform, has been helping travel brands more efficiently and meaningfully engage travelers and boost loyalty since 2007. Headquartered in San Francisco with key offices in Dubai, London, New York, Omaha and Singapore, the fast-growing company’s clients including American Airlines, Hertz, Hilton, and Microsoft.


Before adopting Glint, Sojern struggled to get meaningful insight into employee engagement. The company used a survey tool to collect responses to employee satisfaction questions developed by an industry-standard employee engagement consulting firm, but the questions seemed outdated and there were no alerts, benchmarks, manager dashboards or demographic drill-downs. The surveys provided raw data, but no actionable intelligence. “I’ve used every solution out there,” said Ingham, “they never got traction with employees or company leadership.”


Sojern now sends out monthly pulses to gauge employee engagement and spot potential areas for improvement. With Glint’s innovative interface and frictionless user experience, survey participation rates immediately shot up to nearly 100 percent, garnering enthusiastic feedback from both employees and the executive suite. With Glint’s advanced analytics, company leadership was able to track how different demographics, locations and departments were engaging and compare the results in a variety of ways, while protecting confidentiality. Sojern now sends internal updates every quarter describing how the company is addressing employees’ desires and concerns.

Mark Rabe, Sojern’s CEO, helps encourage employees to participate: “At Sojern, people are our most valuable asset so I’m laser-focused on employee engagement. With Glint I feel like I literally have my finger on the ‘pulses’ of the various groups within the company. It’s fast, intuitive and I can see results immediately.”

Sojern plans to roll out Glint to their department heads to allow them to take action more locally. “Giving leadership actionable data they can slice and dice is big,” said Ingham.


  • Enabled analysis by demographic, location and department
  • Smart alerts helped the people team immediately spot issues
  • Seamless user experience allowed more frequent feedback
  • Glint engagement drivers helped quickly identify areas for improvement
  • Provided data to support their intuition, leading to action