Our mission is to help people be happier and more successful at work.


Our Story

At some organizations, engagement seems to happen naturally. People feel it. They’re committed, energetic, attached. Positive attitudes and behaviors are transmitted to each new hire. A virtuous cycle.

At other organizations, engagement is uneven and difficult to sustain. People feel this, too. Some do only what’s necessary to get by. Why go the extra mile when others are coasting? Energy ebbs. People leave.

Momentum never takes hold. We created Glint to help organizations measure and improve the happiness and success of their people.

We want to provide the same type of real-time, data-driven platform that can be found in almost any other business function (sales, marketing, manufacturing, service) for the most important part of any organization: its people.


Glint is led by an accomplished team with a proven record of success.

Board of Directors

Glint is backed by top-tier investors.


At Glint, we believe in awe-inspiring design. We are real, curious, collaborative and fun. We strive to create ecstatic customers. And, we really do want to make people’s work lives better.

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