Glint is an organizational development platform for the digital age.

Get a clear picture of engagement in real time, anytime.


The health of your organization can be difficult to assess—especially when your data is weeks or months old and lives in static reports only a few leaders can access. But what if you had complete visibility into employee engagement in real time and could use that information to develop effective strategies?


Glint gives HR teams, leaders, and managers on-demand access to the most current data and displays it in ways that highlight strengths, weaknesses, trends and areas of concern at a glance.


Keep your finger on the pulse.

Glint Pulse surveys gather powerful data in no time, providing actionable insights in real time. Use Glint’s standard questions based on proven drivers of engagement, or create your own programs and pulses using Glint’s On-Demand Surveys. Confidential Pulses take just minutes for employees to complete from desktop, mobile or kiosk — and update to Glint instantly.

Start with the big picture.

Glint’s interactive Dashboard displays a holistic visual breakdown of an entire organization’s health, identifies areas that need attention and allows users to drill down into data as deep as they want.

HR, leaders and managers all see the engagement results specific to their roles, giving them quick visibility into response rates, scores, trends and alerts.


Pinpoint the hot spots.

Glint Heat Maps are visual reports that compare engagement levels across employee populations, on demand. From team to tenure, geography to gender—pick any attribute, and Glint instantly maps your organization’s strengths and opportunities.


Get to the bottom of it.

Nearly every number you see in Glint is a starting point for further analysis. Filter results by any combination of attributes to explore data as deeply as you want. If you need to move quickly, Glint’s ready-to-run reports instantly provide response rates, engagement results and presentation-ready visualizations.

Know where you stand.

To see how your organization measures up, Glint compares your performance with external benchmarks, internal company averages and your own past performance to help you quickly assess your strengths, weaknesses and trends.

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Connect the dots between drivers and impact.

Glint reveals each organization’s particular path to improvement by linking driver scores to engagement levels, as well as other business outcomes. A low-scoring driver is only part of the story—Glint combines scores and their potential impact to highlight which weaknesses need immediate attention.

This gives the HR team and senior leadership a clear priority list of where to invest first and how it should improve the health of the organization.


Install an early warning system.

Glint’s AI-for-HR™ technology uses predictive analytics and machine learning to generate real-time alerts for employee populations at risk of increased attrition, decreased performance or changes to other key performance indicators.

This revolutionary capability helps you spot anomalies hidden in the data before they impact engagement, giving leaders and managers time to put informed plans in place.

True understanding of open-ended feedback.

Glint’s Narrative Intelligence™ is a next-generation natural language processing (NLP) engine that extracts meaning from thousands of open-ended responses. Drawing from Glint’s organizational taxonomy framework and AI-for-HR™ technology, Narrative Intelligence connects the dots between what your employees say, how they feel, and the relationship to engagement and other outcomes — all in real time.

The result? True understanding that leads to effective action.

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Show managers where to focus their energy.

As soon as a pulse survey is completed, Glint’s artificial intelligence provides managers with recommended Focus Areas specific to the engagement dynamics of their teams. Glint also explains why a Focus Area has been recommended—typically a low comparative score on a high-impact engagement driver—so managers fully understand why it’s important.


Build simple plans. Trigger real action.

Within each Focus Area, Glint suggests best practices and provides a knowledge base to help managers quickly and easily create an Action Plan. Managers can explore Glint’s proprietary content, developed through academic research and consulting expertise, or your existing learning content for a deeper dive into the best way to approach the necessary tasks.

Monitor the impact of Action Plans.

As Action Plans are being completed, managers can monitor progress and receive timely reminders to maintain focus on the end goal. HR leaders are able to see a wider view of Action Plan progress across the entire organization, allowing them to make smarter program and support investments to help managers succeed.

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